Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Now & Then

I don't know if you guys know this, but I do feel truly blessed that you guys still care.
You guys care enough to drop me comments every time you visit my blog to badger me to blog.
You guys care enough to ask me why I never blog anymore when you see me.
You guys care enough to say that you don't know what's going on in my life anymore because I don't blog.
It's really quite a trivial thing, but it makes me feel loved and blessed.
I am lucky to have every one of you.
Really and truly.

I never did get the chance to say thank you did I?
So here it is. Thank you for being such awesome friends.
I love all of you!

I also didn't get the chance to thank everyone for the awesome 18th birthday eh?
It may have 4 months ago, but I still want to thank everyone for all the terrific presents and well-wishes.
It really meant a lot.

Thank you.

First of all, thanks to these wonderful bunch of people I met during my 18th year on this world.
Without you guys, college wouldn't have what it was- insanely fun and crazy.

My family and friends.
Thanks for coming that day. It was good spending time with everyone.

My girls. Always and forever.
I wouldn't know what to do without you guys.

I loved my present. I've been wanting it for the longest time ever and I am insanely touched you guys remembered just because I said so in Langkawi.

And the card- it rocked socks.
So did all the other presents mind you.

My family, ever the greatest, brought me to El Cerdo on the day itself.
Psst: Obviously, my sister wasn't too keen on seeing me chop up the pig. Look at her expression. Teehee. She actually shrieked when I did that.

That was me, cutting the pig, making a wish and breaking the plate as is their custom over there.
Awesome dinner. ^_^


A wonderfully sinful way to end the day- with amazing desserts.

The complimentary flashing lil' piggy from El Cerdo. So bloody adorable.

Not to forget, the presents from the cousins.
This present is so crazily cool it's not even funny.
Thanks so SO much for this cousins.
Switchfoot autographed posters and their CD! Really, need I say more?

The Switchfoot band members made up the words.
Cute kan?

This is my hoard of Roxy presents from Aussie given of course by my sister.
Oh and a very cute and surprisingly quite tasty Christmas cookie on the left hand corner.

And the Roxy earmuffs!!!!
So incredibly cute and fluffy! Can't wait to wear this.
Thank you darling Mins!

My lovely family who came to visit me during lunch break on my birthday.
We were having yummylicious coffee at San Francisco at my office.

And this is Adele Wong, who drove all the way to surprise me at work on the day itself.
Did I mention how touched I was?
Sorry darling we couldn't celebrate your birthday on the day itself but I really hope you liked your presents. I immediately thought of you when I saw it.
May angels look after you always!

A simple piece of cheesecake that really made my day!


And of course, my sweet, friendly colleagues who celebrated my birthday on my third day of interning- the exact day itself might I add.
I'm sure everyone is sick of me saying how touched I am right?


Part of the Secret Recipe cake my colleagues got me.
It was more yummylicious than usual coz of the effort behind it.


And last but not least, the present from my eldest sister.
Tag Heuer Aqua Racer with blue mother of pearl face.


Did I mention how blessed I was?

Anyway, I'm not gonna promise another post soon.
Because I don't really wanna break ANOTHER promise.
I'll tell you the truth, I haven't blogged in such a long time because blogging is starting to feel like such a chore. A responsibility.
And I don't want it to feel that way.
I started blogging back in Xanga for fun, for self-expression so I don't want something that used to fun turn into something that I feel compelled to do.

However, do not despair!
I have strong blogging urges from time to time! (Like today, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this! =P)
But seriously, getting used to another blog hosting site is exhausting.
Blogger is pretty different from Xanga I have to admit.
But I'm getting there. Made some slight changes here and there and tweaked some stuff to my satisfaction.

Alright. Till here for now.

Currently listening to- all the Disney theme songs
Supercalifragilisticexapialidocious anyone?