Thursday, April 10, 2014

The path to attaining dewy, translucent skin

So today, Imma talk about something I haven't discussed for a while on this blog - beauty and skincare! ^_^

My skin type is oily but dry underneath (according to my facialist). Generally, my skin doesn't really give me much problems (thank you momma for the good genes!). Other than the occasional pimple here and there, it’s generally quite okay.

Of course there’s always room for improvement, since I haven’t achieved dewy, translucent, baby soft skin.  I mean, I think my mom’s skin might be smoother and fairer than mine, and she’s 61 years old! (though everyone says she doesn’t look a day past 50. :3) So, this is where my skincare regime comes in!

*Warning: Lots of no make up selfies ahead!*

But first, a nice picture of me with make up on!

I use quite a lot of make up on a daily basis, especially on my eyes (no thanks to my dad for the sepet Cina eyes -_-).  For my face, I usually just slap on a base and put some powder on. Simple stuff but it’s still important to do a deep cleanse every week to ensure no make up clogs up my pores. Usually I try to cleanse and use a scrub on my face once a week. After which, I’ll put on a hydrating mask.

However, after I started working, I’ve been slacking off a little bit in terms of putting on face masks coz I’ve been just so tired and weekends are either used for getting rid of my sleep debt , meeting up with friends or spending time with family.

Thus, when I got my hands on some KOSE Lotion Masks recently, I thought this would be a good time to kickstart my weekly mask routine again!

Have heard some pretty good things about KOSE, especially since my sister is using their sunblock and she really likes it. Plus their spokesperson is the gorgeous Ariel Lin – who’s one of my all-time favourite Taiwanese actresses.

She’s so pretty and talented! I think I’ve probably watched most of her TV dramas. :D
So yeah. I did some research on KOSE and found out that they’ve been around since 1946. Which is a pretty long time for them to perfect their formulas and skincare. Plus KOSE is from Japan, which as we all know, is famous for skincare coz Japanese girls are known for having fair, dewy skin that all Asian girls want to achieve.

The KOSE Lotion mask is supposed to balance out the skin’s moisture levels, as well as prevent dullness, roughness and pimples caused by dryness. It is also meant to hydrate, as well as create silky smooth, fine-textured “snow-white” skin. Sounds pretty good to me, as it has everything I look for in a mask.

Here’s me washing my face after removing my make up.

My before mask picture that has not been edited in any way whatsoever + no filters. As you can see, my skin is a little dry and dull. Let’s see if this KOSE Lotion mask can improve it.

Mask on! What I immediately liked about the KOSE Lotion Mask was that it fit my face really well. Maybe coz the brand is Japanese, so the mask is designed for Asian faces. Most of the time, I find that masks don’t really fit my face shape coz it’s too big. Especially around the nose/upper lip area. But this one was just right, and I especially loved the fact that the upper lip part can be adjusted.

Also, I really liked that the KOSE Lotion Mask wasn’t overtly wet and drippy. I find super wet masks kinda messy. Plus it didn’t tear easily, which was a big plus.

What I generally do while I wait for my face to absorb all the mask’s ingredients. I’m reading George R.R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons here. So excited for the fourth season of Game of Thrones which is gonna air this month! Winter is coming, indeed. :D

After about 10 minutes, I peel off the mask and gently pat my face to make sure it absorbs all the extra stuff from the mask. Don’t wanna waste any of the precious ingredients. Then, I usually rub the sheet of mask around my neck before throwing it away. Like I said, milk it for all it’s worth and don’t waste the good stuff. Hehe! #aunty

TADA! My after mask face. I do feel that my skin looks healthier and more translucent.  I can also feel that it’s smoother and bouncier, meaning that it’s more hydrated. And this is just after one use! Hopefully with prolonged usage, my skin will improve even more. :D

A comparision of my before and after mask face. Again, this is with no editing or filters. Tried to take at the same angle, at the same spot and under the same lighting so that can compare. I really feel that there’s a bit of difference. What do you guys think?

Basically, the 3 main ingredients in the KOSE Lotion Mask are:

1)      Coix Seed Extract which increases metabolism, and aids in whitening, moisturizing, as well as prevention of skin roughness.
2)      Angelica Extract which is a disinfectant, in addition to possessing whitening and moisturizing effects.
3)      Melothria (White Lotus) extract, which suppress melanin production & has whitening effects on the skin.

Apparently the mask is best used with KOSE’s star product, the Sekkisei Lotion, for better results.

I’m thinking of trying it out, since I am quite impressed by the mask already and my sister is also using the sunblock from this range. If anyone else is interested, can head to any KOSE counter and try it out too!

The Sekkisei Lotion is priced at:
SEKKISEI Lotion 200ml- RM170
SEKKISEI Lotion 360ml –RM260

More details on the Sekkisei Lotion here:

Addtionally, KOSE is currently running their Sekkisei Cinderella Contest, giving you the chance to be a real-life Cinderella!

Lastly, I’m giving away 24 pocket KOSE Lotion Masks to 24 of you guys, so ya’ll can try it out and revel in its awesomeness too!! (Each packet comes with 2 masks) All you have to do is answers these two questions below:

1. What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask?
2. Name one of the benefits of the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask.

Leave me a comment below with your answer and you’ll be getting a free KOSE Lotion Mask. EASY PEASY! #waitwhat

Note: The giveaway is open to Malaysian readers only. Winners must be available to collect the masks in KL.