Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Show

I am going to get slaughtered if either of my sisters see this post but I just thought it was too cute!

Aaah yes. Our family is indeed reunited and we look quite normal hor?
Well then, take a look at the many faces of my family:

Me and my elder sister have taken to making faces across the dinner table lately. And it is usually instigated by me. I'll make a face at her and she'll make one back at me.
Don't think she would be caught dead making faces at anybody else though! :P
So this is her face caught on camera!
And then I started the guppie mouth, so BEHOLD!!!

Guppie number one.

Guppie number two! LOL.

Guppie number three is yours truly.


Guppie number four!
My mom refused to let her guppie face be caught on camera so no cute pictures of her guppie face. :(
She cannot do the proper guppie face (the one where you have to suck in your cheeks like my second sis punya picture) so I sometimes tease her for it which is probably why she wouldn't do the guppie face. Oh well!

And another one of my dad's priceless expressions:

No he was not sneezing. He was trying to blow out the candles. =.=
So there you have it! My crazy little family. ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ocean Avenue

"I think everyday is made up of tiny little tests. Some are tests of character. Some are tests of fortitude. Others are tests of friendship. And if you're lucky, when it really matters, you'll pass with flying colours."
- Scrubs
I want to pass the test of friendship with flying colours.
So many have left Malaysia in the pursuit of education this year.
What used to be gatherings with whole groups of people have steadily become just a handful.
And there are many more yet to leave, more farewells and goodbyes and more friends scattered all around the globe.
Firstly, there was Jon's farewell.

I've known Jon since Form 1. And even though we weren't super duper close, I think we will always have this special bond because of Kuen Cheng and ECC. And that goes for all the members of the 'English Group'- Gill, Adele, Joo Ling too!

I thank God you're still here Dele. You make up the core of my support system!

And I'm still waiting for Jon to come back to go for Delicious again! She is my Delicious kaki, along with Adele Wong of course.

And so, this was the first farewell of the year.

Mel's Farewell

Part of the ssaps.
Mel's farewell hit me much closer to the heart because practically for the whole of last year, I've been seeing her almost everyday. True, all of us ssaps only met last year in college. But I think I can safely say that we formed a strong bond of sisterhood together.

All the lunches we had during college, the shopping trips and movie excursions, the ridiculously many-peopled MSN convos, the lepak-ing and of course, the memorable, awesomely insane and fun escapade to Langkawi.
And of course, carpooling with Mel to and fro college as well as hanging out at each other's houses since we live so close to one another.
There's so much that I sorely miss!
Really, everything seems so incomplete whenever Kit Mun and I go out because you're not there!

And then it was Andrea's turn.

(I couldn't attend Ann's farewell at her house so I'll just use pictures from Teik Chi's open house/b'day. =/)
And the shopping buddy goes down by another one. Sigh.

At least, Mel and Ann are together in Perth so we're not completely scattered and apart! :P

And after that, Joyce's farewell.
Aaaand there goes another college friend.

Kia Shen's farewell

The first to leave among my close primary schoolmates.
He made a joke that it's okay that he left because there's still his twin in Malaysia so we're gonna be seeing him anyway! Lol. XD
But still, it's not the same.

The most recent one- Nicole's farewell
I was really sad to see her go. That's less one person to discuss assignments with in Monash and chillax + gossip with (like we do after Accounts lecture). Less one person to stress together when exams roll around and less one perso to hang out with when holidays come.

And not to forget, less one super fun, witty, quirky and dynamic friend here in Malaysia.

I mean sure, some of them might come back for holidays (like Kia Shen now) but most of them didn't and I miss them so much!!
Sure, there are many other friends in KL but really, things just aren't the same without them here.

And I guess, what I wanted to say is that, I may not talk to you guys very often on MSN. But I do love and miss you guys a lot and I really want to keep in touch. And you are all very special to me.
And while I'm on the topic of friendship, I think the best kind of friendship is the kind where you can just pick up and continue from wherever you left off despite not having to meet up regularly.
It just proves that you really do click and enjoy spending time together and that your friendship wasn't just out of convenience at the time because you see each other everyday.
So cheers to that kind of friendship which I know I have with all of you. :)
Sometimes I find it scary how quickly time has passed. It's the middle of the year now. If everything goes according to plan, I myself only have half a year left in KL before I zoom over to Aussieland as well.
And when that time comes, my support system will truly crumble and that will be the ultimate test of independence.
It's so bittersweet.
Thinking about that makes me feel so elated and excited but yet so sad.
I will miss so much about KL, my family and my friends.
Oh well, we'll save that for later! ;)
Currently craving for- Guitar Hero
I miss Guitar Hero! Whose house got? I want to go and play!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Circle Has No Beginning

There's just something about staying in nice hotels that gets me really excited and happy.
Maybe it's because I associate staying in hotels with holidays and who doesn't love holidays right?
Anyway, my dad had this free night's stay at Sheraton Imperial in KL which was expiring soon so my sisters and I went to make use of it.
It was a super last minute plan but I'm glad we went for what I call our 'mini escapade'. ;)
We checked into the hotel pretty late- around 6-ish I would say.
Went for dinner at Celestial Court, Sheraton's Chinese restaurant since we had a RM75 voucher that was expiring soon also.
And that's my smart father who totally forgot all about the vouchers until they were about to expire. =.='''

Yesh, I know my roots are showing. Please ignore it. Can't be arsed to dye my hair again since it is so damaged liao. =.=

Celestial Court was having this interesting promotion thingy where dinner is an all you can eat thingy for RM88 per person. Basically, you just order whatever you want from the menu and they serve it to you in small portions. All of us thought that was pretty cool since Chinese restaurants rarely ever do that.
As you can see, we went a little overboard trying to sample everything and ended up having a mini feast. I wouldn't say the food was exceptional though, it was pretty standard Chinese restaurant food and I guess I expected more from a 5 star hotel's Chinese restaurant.
However, the ambience was really nice larh.
I guess these kind of places, you're really paying more for the service and the ambience more than the food.

The room we stayed in. It was surpringly big!
Somehow, I don't seem to associate Sheraton with the likes of other 5 star hotels like Shangri-la and Westin which made me mildly surprised (in a good way) about the room.
The truth is, Sheraton is under the same group (Starwood) which owns Le Meridien, Westin, St. Regis and other luxurious hotels which makes it every bit as awesome as the others.
Since I didn't think Sheraton was up to par with the other hotels I mentioned, I was totally shocked to find out that a normal room costs around RM500 a night which is about the same as Shangri-la. But Sheraton's rooms are wayyy bigger!

However, the only complaint I have about Sheraton's rooms is that the night curtain (the orange one) cannot fully be drawn! It can only be drawn up to THAT much (refer to picture above) because get this, the curtain track ends right there! Can you say no privacy?
Granted we were on the 22nd floor and it is unlikely that anyone will be able to look in since there are no buildings directly in front of the window, but still!
Plus as we all know, the day curtains are pretty useless coz they become see-through at night and still let the sunlight in during the morning.

My sister wondered what would happen if a couple decided to have sex with the lights on in the hotel room and someone in one of the smaller buildings had a binoculars/ telescope.
I told her it would be highly unlikely that someone who owns a binoculars or a telescope would be looking in the direction of a building but if they did, they'd get a free show lorh.

Mmmm. Yummy bed. Bed was super huge and comfy. The kind where you sink into and never want to get up. And it seemed bigger than the usual king size beds, super king maybe?

However the pillows were a bit too lumpy and offered very little support. I needed all three of the pillows stacked together to be able to sleep. =.=
The most awesome, best-est ever hotel pillows are still Shangri-la's. Just the right amount of feathery softness and support. When me and my sisters got a free stay last year, we were so in love with the pillows we were reluctant to say goodbye and leave it behind. =(

The hotel room had their own DVD player. Mind you this was only Sheraton's normal hotel room and they had a DVD player! Major plus point. Other hotels like Shangri-la only have DVD players in their suites which me and my sisters totally did not take advantage of since we didn't bring any with us at that time.

This time, we came fully prepared! Brought out laptops to watch DVDs but since they had DVD player, watched it on the TV instead!

The bathroom. Pretty standard I would say.

After dinner, we took a walk on Asian Heritage Row since it was just beside Sheraton. It was still early so there wasn't a lot of people yet.
FYI: If you ever go to The Loft or Bar Savanh, park at Sheraton and walk over coz it's only RM8 whereas jockey parking at Asian Heritage Row costs RM10.
Sister wanted to go salsa dancing so went back up and changed. I need to stop wearing my RM15 Sungei Wang purple dress mian. I wear it wayyyy to often. But I can't help it! It's one of my all time favourite dresses not only because it's cheap, but the material is surprisingly good and the shape is super flattering. ^_^

Went to Federal's Salsa Havana. They ran out of Baileys so I had Kahlua with milk instead. Supremely yummylicious but so so deceiving coz it tastes like chocolate/coffee milkshake instead of alcohol. =P
Anyway, by the time we went back to the hotel again it was 3-ish in the morning. Decided to make full use of the facilities so we watched a DVD- The Jane Austen Book Club.
The movie exceeded expections. It was witty yet thought provoking.
Definitely a must watch.
By the time we finished watching the movie, it was 5.30am. Sister crashed while I read a little Harry Potter (I know what you're thinking, AGAIN? Sue me, I'm a Harry Potter fan and the movie is coming out soon so must read the book again. =P) And finally went to sleep when it was almost 6 in the morning. I actually contemplated staying up and watching the sun rise since it would've been pretty spectacular with the view we had but decided against it in the end.
The parents were coming for lunch the next day (or the same day rather?) and I didn't want to look like a zombie.

And so our mini escapade ended. Had dim sum at Golden Dragonboat for lunch before heading back. Managed to get free white wine and a supremely yummylicious chocolate cake from Sheraton first though! =)
I guess what I really love about staying in hotels is that it makes you forget about everything for awhile and just enjoy the moment. Even though we didn't even leave KL (in fact we were right in the heart of it), it still felt so refreshing to just be away from home for awhile and bask in the luxuries of staying in a hotel. And I really did come back feeling reenergized as if I really was on a holiday. ;)
So if you ever want a mini escapade just to get away for a little while without actually getting away, just book yourself into a nice hotel and there you have it! Your very own mini holiday!
On another note, I'm currently enjoying my month long semester break now. It feels REALLY good not to have to worry about assignments and exams and feeling guilty for not keeping up with my reading. Also managed to catch up with quite a few people which was really good. I'm loving waking up at 11 every morning and watching MTV or some other television program til noon and just lazing around doing nothing, spending some time just thinking. I haven't watched television in goodness knows how long it actually feels like a luxury to be able to do that and just sit and do nothing but think for a bit.

So there you have it, a little update on my life at the moment. I still have a lot of backlogged posts but I figured I'd post something recent and up to date first.
I'm craving for another mini escapade larh. Anybody wanna bring me? =P

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