Monday, July 13, 2009

Ocean Avenue

"I think everyday is made up of tiny little tests. Some are tests of character. Some are tests of fortitude. Others are tests of friendship. And if you're lucky, when it really matters, you'll pass with flying colours."
- Scrubs
I want to pass the test of friendship with flying colours.
So many have left Malaysia in the pursuit of education this year.
What used to be gatherings with whole groups of people have steadily become just a handful.
And there are many more yet to leave, more farewells and goodbyes and more friends scattered all around the globe.
Firstly, there was Jon's farewell.

I've known Jon since Form 1. And even though we weren't super duper close, I think we will always have this special bond because of Kuen Cheng and ECC. And that goes for all the members of the 'English Group'- Gill, Adele, Joo Ling too!

I thank God you're still here Dele. You make up the core of my support system!

And I'm still waiting for Jon to come back to go for Delicious again! She is my Delicious kaki, along with Adele Wong of course.

And so, this was the first farewell of the year.

Mel's Farewell

Part of the ssaps.
Mel's farewell hit me much closer to the heart because practically for the whole of last year, I've been seeing her almost everyday. True, all of us ssaps only met last year in college. But I think I can safely say that we formed a strong bond of sisterhood together.

All the lunches we had during college, the shopping trips and movie excursions, the ridiculously many-peopled MSN convos, the lepak-ing and of course, the memorable, awesomely insane and fun escapade to Langkawi.
And of course, carpooling with Mel to and fro college as well as hanging out at each other's houses since we live so close to one another.
There's so much that I sorely miss!
Really, everything seems so incomplete whenever Kit Mun and I go out because you're not there!

And then it was Andrea's turn.

(I couldn't attend Ann's farewell at her house so I'll just use pictures from Teik Chi's open house/b'day. =/)
And the shopping buddy goes down by another one. Sigh.

At least, Mel and Ann are together in Perth so we're not completely scattered and apart! :P

And after that, Joyce's farewell.
Aaaand there goes another college friend.

Kia Shen's farewell

The first to leave among my close primary schoolmates.
He made a joke that it's okay that he left because there's still his twin in Malaysia so we're gonna be seeing him anyway! Lol. XD
But still, it's not the same.

The most recent one- Nicole's farewell
I was really sad to see her go. That's less one person to discuss assignments with in Monash and chillax + gossip with (like we do after Accounts lecture). Less one person to stress together when exams roll around and less one perso to hang out with when holidays come.

And not to forget, less one super fun, witty, quirky and dynamic friend here in Malaysia.

I mean sure, some of them might come back for holidays (like Kia Shen now) but most of them didn't and I miss them so much!!
Sure, there are many other friends in KL but really, things just aren't the same without them here.

And I guess, what I wanted to say is that, I may not talk to you guys very often on MSN. But I do love and miss you guys a lot and I really want to keep in touch. And you are all very special to me.
And while I'm on the topic of friendship, I think the best kind of friendship is the kind where you can just pick up and continue from wherever you left off despite not having to meet up regularly.
It just proves that you really do click and enjoy spending time together and that your friendship wasn't just out of convenience at the time because you see each other everyday.
So cheers to that kind of friendship which I know I have with all of you. :)
Sometimes I find it scary how quickly time has passed. It's the middle of the year now. If everything goes according to plan, I myself only have half a year left in KL before I zoom over to Aussieland as well.
And when that time comes, my support system will truly crumble and that will be the ultimate test of independence.
It's so bittersweet.
Thinking about that makes me feel so elated and excited but yet so sad.
I will miss so much about KL, my family and my friends.
Oh well, we'll save that for later! ;)
Currently craving for- Guitar Hero
I miss Guitar Hero! Whose house got? I want to go and play!!!


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awww! so sweet.^^

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Lol. Got the mood then post lorh! =P