Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Show

I am going to get slaughtered if either of my sisters see this post but I just thought it was too cute!

Aaah yes. Our family is indeed reunited and we look quite normal hor?
Well then, take a look at the many faces of my family:

Me and my elder sister have taken to making faces across the dinner table lately. And it is usually instigated by me. I'll make a face at her and she'll make one back at me.
Don't think she would be caught dead making faces at anybody else though! :P
So this is her face caught on camera!
And then I started the guppie mouth, so BEHOLD!!!

Guppie number one.

Guppie number two! LOL.

Guppie number three is yours truly.


Guppie number four!
My mom refused to let her guppie face be caught on camera so no cute pictures of her guppie face. :(
She cannot do the proper guppie face (the one where you have to suck in your cheeks like my second sis punya picture) so I sometimes tease her for it which is probably why she wouldn't do the guppie face. Oh well!

And another one of my dad's priceless expressions:

No he was not sneezing. He was trying to blow out the candles. =.=
So there you have it! My crazy little family. ;)


Anonymous said...

hahahha! so cute!!

jean said...

haha your dad the cute-est! haha is like hardly can see dads do those faces and caught on camera

Swan.T said...

Jean: Yeah! And my dad was posing somemore.lol. =.=