Sunday, March 8, 2009


So here it is- my long awaited first post in my new blog.

So many people have asked me "What happened to you? Why don't you blog anymore?"
Hippo even tagged me as the one who disappeared on one of those Facebook tags. Yikes! 0_o
I never even knew so many read my blog until I stopped blogging. The irony huh?

Anyway, I really am sorry it took me this long to churn out my first post here.
For awhile, I just lost my blogging mojo.
I wasn't inspired to write at all. I think my situation was probably a bit like Wee's!
Plus I was working during the whole of December and January. Interning at Mindshare as you all know so that took up most of my time.
And most of all, I was just lazy lah! I mean, you all know I'm the world's biggest procrastinator it's not even funny.

Having said that, here I am.
And I have so much to blog about... so much of my life to share with everyone again that I itch to write everything down.
Continue my life documentary. =)
So... I shall begin where I left off.

After graduation, my college mates and I took a 4 day 3 night trip to Langkawi. I miss Langkawi, I really do!
So I've decided to write the top 10 things I miss about Langkawi as my first post.
Because really, I don't want such awesomely fun memories to go unwritten.

The Top 10 Things I Miss About Langkawi (in random order):

1. Taking bikini showers after going to the beach with Mel and Ann.
We'd laugh and shower together in the bathroom and come out smelling delectably good because of Mel's watermelon shampoo.

2. Sitting at the beach at night gazing at the stars and hearing the waves crash onto the beach.
It's one of the best feelings in the world! I felt at peace with everything because listening to the waves hurtle against the shore coupled with the stillness of the night and the twinkling stars made me feel like I was truly alive again. Mmm, what wonders the beach can do eh?


I think that's pretty much self-explanatory. It was our favourite alcoholic drink in Langkawi. Ann liked it so much that she drank it the first thing in the morning on our last day! Alcohol and chocolates actually. We had packs and packs of Kinder Bueno too coz it was cheap!

Our margaritas by the beach. Yummylicious!

4. Watching sunsets by the beach.

The breath-taking, stunningly beautiful, picturesque scenery unfolding before your very eyes makes you appreciate nature so much more!

5. The awesome company

The boys were exasperatingly emo at times but other than that, the company was really great! I guess we got to know one another better during the trip and thus cementing our friendship bonds. I miss everyone!

6. Telaga Tujuh waterfall

Climbing up the waterfall and sitting on the rocks letting the cold, refreshing water tumbling down the waterfall splash and sprinkle upon you... it doesn't get any better than that!

7. Singing our lungs out to The Lion King song and Can't Take My Eyes Off You in the car.

And the windows were down. People outside must have thought we were crazy!

The singers. ;)

8. Staying up till late at night gossiping.

Hmm...I guess we were pretty noisy because people from the next room basically banged the wall and told us to shut up. Oops!

The gossipers. Minus Nick. Oh and Teik Chi. And Russell!

9. The Loaf

I know we have The Loaf in Pavilion. But the atmosphere at The Loaf there and here is so different! Maybe it's because The Loaf in Langkawi is the orginal outlet plus it's at a harbour where all the yatchs and boats owned by the rich and famous are docked making the atmosphere so much more different than the one here in Malaysia located right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. The atmosphere in Langkawi is more of a lazy, relaxing one I suppose. I loved the cheesecakes and coffee at The Loaf.

Where The Loaf is located in Langkawi.

10. The holiday mood.

That relaxing, laze-around-and-do-nothing, idle holiday mood which seems so faraway now that uni has started is something I sorely miss. And lazing around with in the company of awesome friends is even better!


Anonymous said...


Andrea said...

Finally an update!

I miss Langkawi so much too. :'( one of those vacations you'll nvr forget. LOL. I still remeber Melissa's mortified reaction when I said we should bring it to the 'next level' n shower *ahem ahem*

I havent gotten my hands on all the langkawi photos la... Keep em safe!

I am a real boy! said...

I'M SO glad ur blogging again lorh swan! Glad to hear from u again.. after what, so immensely long?!

haiyohh...I dunno wht to say d now cos its like... so long since we talked!! ! ! keep me updated ! ! !

MuN said...

Haha, Girls, I said about Pulau Perhentian end of the year right? We can't. Cuz it's monsoon. =(

But afriad not, we'll have another plan! =)

I miss my sunglasses in Langkawi.
And I miss the waves sounds.
I miss going swimming with you girls.
And I miss singing in the car.
I miss fun times we had even we have so little time.
And I miss the feeling of carefree, feeling of nothing to be worried about and just have fun!

Swan said...

Adele: I know right! And finally a reply to your comment! XD

Andrea: Don't worry Ann! All the photos are safe with me! And yeah, Mel's reaction was damn hilarious!
I miss you Ann! =(

Wee: I know Wee! We'll catch up soon I promise. We can go and hang out and update each other about our crazy uni lives! Sound good?

Kit Mun: I miss all those times too dear. Don't worry, we'll plan something for year end! =D

Anonymous said...

interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.