Thursday, August 20, 2009

Five Fashion Friends.

I know I've been stingy with updates. But but but... I'm here to introduce you guys to this new blog which I set up with Melissa, Andrea, Nicole and Kit Mun. It's called Five Fashion Friends and it's mostly about fashion, beauty, makeup and all that girly stuff. (But since my blog readers are mostly girls anyway, I figured it doesn't really matter. ^_^)

I know we're probably not the most fashionable people on earth. But we do like getting all dolled up and we have a huge interest in fashion plus the blog is a really good way for us to keep in touch style-wise. So, do gallop by and show some lurrrrvee if you're interested!

Here's the link again in case you missed it the first time:

So everything related to fashion, beauty and clothes shall henceforth be posted in that blog. Not that I post a lot of that here, but occasionally I do throw in a few pictures of what I wear. And I think I might just do a post in the near future on 'How To Do Swan's Crazy Eyeliner' since my makeup is usually the thing that people ask me about the most. ;) Do wait for that and check it out!

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