Monday, June 1, 2009

Am I at rock bottom yet?

I swear it Murphy's Law at work- Anything that can possibly go wrong, does.

Or even better, it's Finagle's Law- Anything that can go wrong will, at the worst possible moment.

It started last night. I fetched my sister to her apartment coz she had a really bad bout of food poisoning to see her Aussie friend who was staying there to bring him food coz he also had food poisoning. On the way out, while I was manoeuvring through a tight spot in the parking lot (a spot which I dread to go through coz there's super little space and you have to be very careful about the edges of your car coz it's very close to the wall) I bumped the left side of my car into the wall. Great. The one thing that I TOLD myself to be careful of, I did it anyway. So the left side of my little tortoise just above the hind wheel has lovely scratches which streaks of white paint to complement it and a nice little dent to boot. That was the first time that I, myself caused damaged to my tortoise after driving it for what, 10 months now? Sure, I've been in accidents but that was due to other people's carelessness, they were in the wrong and crashed into me. This is the first time that it's my own fault, my own carelessness, stupidity and bad judgement that caused the damage. When I first started driving, I swore to myself I wouldn't be like those bimbotic girl drivers who really cannot drive or park and shouldn't be on the road because they give us girls a bad name. (Like this super smart girl that wanted to reverse but instead put her gear into drive and stepped really hard on the accelerator and vroom-ed across the kerb separating the rows of parking spaces in the Monash carpark. Needless to say her Kembara was suspended since she couldn't go back or forth after that. Funniest sight ever. I'm mean, I know.) But now lookie lookie here, I go and do some equally bimbotic thing like not know how to turn a damn corner. Gah.

Okay, scratched the car and dented it, nevermind. At least the rims are okay and the back door can still close properly. Thought the next morning could try and ask my mom to see if polishing the car (to get some of the scratches away) so that it wouldn't look bad before telling my dad about it. Otherwise, he'll just go beserk. He loves cars more than us I would say. So happened he decided to wake up early today when he NEVER wakes up early unless he has an early meeting which he didn't. I practically gobbled my breakfast and tried to make a quick escape before he saw the car but to no avail, he saw it when I was reversing to go out. So yesh, his face was frowning all the way. I haven't gotten my lecture yet because he's not back from work but seriously, I dread dinner time.

So nevermind, disaster temporarily averted though I'd get it when I got back from uni. Got to uni, Dr. Yeoh, my communications lecture was giving us back assignment 2. Dahlah very kan cheong maximum coz all of us did super last minute work for assignment 2 coz we had two assignments due on the same day and we didn't really understand the topic. Was waiting for my name to be called so I could go and get it but he never called my name. Nevermind, maybe I just didn't hear it kan? So after class went to look for him. Once he saw me, he said: "I didn't receive your assignment." That's when the 'OMG are you fucking serious face' came in. Because I swear I dropped the assignment in the correct box at the same time as I handed in my film assignment. And I've already gotten back my film assignment but my comm assignment is missing? What the eff?

Furthermore, he said he sent me an e-mail saying that he didn't receive my assignment. So I thought it was my own carelessness for not checking my mail otherwise I could've resubmitted it earlier or something. I went straight to the library, no computers available. More signs of things not going my way. Usually when I go to the library, I always manage to find an available computer, but not today. So went to the computer lab on level 5, hung around for 5 to 10 before getting an available computer. Checked my Monash mail and wala! Tak ada e-mail from him pun. Wanted to print some sample exam questions for Accounts. Printed the first set and wanted to print extra notes but some stupid guy started printing about 100+ pages of lecture slides. ONE SLIDE PER PAGE okay? Can you imagine how long that took? Talk about hogging the printer much? Nevermind, I waited. Finally, after like 20 minutes he finished but my papers didn't come out AND they had already minused my credit. Couldn't be bothered to wait longer coz I wanted to go and see Dr. Yeoh before he went for lunch.

So went to his office and told him that I didn't receive any e-mail from him. Then, he double checked his office but still no sign of my assignment. Seriously panic kao kao already now. Coz I submitted the original copy of the newspaper frontpage that I was analysing as the appendix. Now you tell me missing, where am I gonna find May 15th's frontpage of NST and The Sun to resubmit as my appendix? Had a panic session, Joyce said she might still have the newspapers at home coz she used the same day's newspapers as me but different articles. Panic alleviated for awhile.

Went for lunch in Pyramid with Kit Mun to cheer me up. Wanted to have Michelangelos coz of the yummylicious pasta. Forgot that school holidays had started so had to battle for a parking space. Walked all the way there from where we parked to find that it CLOSED DOWN. I swear, can I get any unluckier? Gah. So went to Wendy's to have lunch. Vented my frustrations to Kit Mun about how I was rushing to finish that missing assignment to print it out and hand it in on time. I remember I had to wake up extra early on that morning to finish it and even woke my sister up to ask her to help me cut out the newspapers articles coz I was rushing for time. That, and I had close to sleepless night before that, trying to finish up two assignments. So, lunch was okay. Finally something that went without more bad luck happening except that poor Kit Mun had to put up with me. Sorry kit mun! =(

Right after lunch, received an SMS from Joyce saying she sold all her newspapers already. So she doesn't have anything left. Texted Joanne asking her if she kept hers. She only had 8th and 9th of May's newspapers. All this happened in Accounts lecture mind you. Kit Mun was super nice and layan-ed me. She tried sms-ing her friends to see if they read NST or not but no luck. Everybody reads The Star, not NST. Then, finally found a person that reads NST- Jess. Still waiting to hear from her to see if she has 15th May's one. Hope restored for now.

Drove home without incident. Opened the gate, my dog shot straight out and practically galloped like a mad dog all around outside. More bad luck. It would probably take 3 elephants to pull him back into my garden. Couldn't be bothered anymore, just left him to his own devices. I think he just came back coz it started raining and he hates the rain.

So yesh, now I am waiting for Kit Mun and Jess to get back to me to see if they can get the frontpages for the The Sun and NST respectively. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed. I guess out of this whole ordeal, if I try to play Little Miss Optimistic, I should be grateful that:

1. I merely scratched and dented my car, which can be fixed (although it'll probably cost a few hundred bucks. =/) ; At least I didn't crash my car in a serious accident so I have that to be thankful for.

2. My 2000 word essay is safely saved in my laptop and pendrive so at least I don't have to redo it. If things were really bad, my laptop could have crashed and my pendrive could have been corrupted and I would have lost everything.

3. I have awesome friends who were worried for me and tried to help me out so I felt really blessed while having my little panic session in uni. Thank you Joanne, Kit Mun, Joyce, Jess, Justin and everyone else who tried to help. I appreciate it.

So yes. That's the bright side I s'pose. Anyway, I sincerely hope that I have hit rock bottom now. Because things can only get better after this right? Or this could just be the beginning and thing's could get a whole lot worse. Urgh.


Kit Mun just called. Tak ada. I am screwed. Yep, things could just get a whole lot worse. Absolute-*tooting*-lutely wonderful.

Oh and my dad just came back. I forsee it's lecture time. =/
I think I hit rock bottom just now liao. Managed to get my ex-colleague to scan me a copy of both NST and The Sun's front page. *phew!* Thank You So Much Astrid!
So crisis averted. Ah, I knew interning for a media company had it's perks! So things can only get better now right? ;)


MuN said...

It's okay Swan! =D

I'm happy you finally got your newspapers. Don't like that frown on your face anyway! =) muacks! **hugs**

Swan said...

But thank you again larh Kit Mun! I really appreciate wht you did for me on tht day. ^_^

Jowee said...

aiyohh!!!!!!! poor swan!!!!!!!! so so malang lah the whole day . . .