Sunday, May 31, 2009

Come What May

Last month we had a surprise early birthday celebration for Khai Yin in Pyramid. She was actually attending her graduation ceremony at Sunway Convention Centre and didn't suspect a thing! So everything went according to plan which was good. Or more or less according to plan. ^_^

We were waiting for her at Sakae Sushi under the pretence of having a small primary school gathering. So when her boyfriend showed up with an ice-cream cake, she was very shocked. All thanks to the amazing planning of the organizer- Ri Hao.

There. Yummylicious cake! And a very happy couple. ;)

Now, me, Kai Jie and Siok Yean had to go earlier because we had specific instructions by Ri Hao to go and buy KY's present. Since KY got a very er... interesting birthday present for Ri Hao last year, it was time for revenge in his case. (Read about it in my old blog --> sidebar) Besides, he managed to record her saying that she'd wear anything he bought her. So yeah. He was letting her listen to the evidence. Hehe.

Hoho. The present. She was a bit apprehensive after hearing the recorded convo. And yesh, we were using our chopsticks to eat ice-cream cake. Lack of better utensils. Plus Sakae Sushi staff are damn slow and blur. I am gonna offend a lot of people again but...I really don't like Sakae Sushi la. Sorry larh. Sushi Zan Mai is like 100 times better than Sakae Sushi in terms of food and service. But then again I just had Rakuzen yesterday so I might be a bit biased. The food there was insanely yummylicious. ;P

TA-DA! This was our hard work okay. We walked around Pyramid for close to 2 hours before finding this dress. Went into SO many shops and they didn't have anything suitable. Ri Hao wanted a super sexy dress that would grab attention and would be suitable for clubbing. You'd think that'd be easy to find right? WRONG. Even fail-safe Forever 21 where we gave Ka-Yee all those sexy clothing makeovers failed me that day!! Thank goodness Ms. Selfridge saved the day. *Phew!*

I swear, things always appear when you don't need them and when you do, they magically dissapear. Meh.

That was her, opening her present.

There we go! Sexayyy Khai Yin! She'd look even sexier without the tube. *grins*

The birthday girl and I.

Well, I hope she wears the dress! KY, do you hear me? Wear the dress!! Surprises are always so much fun! A bit stressful to plan but when you see the look the surprised person's face, instant rewards! On a sadder note, Ri Hao's going to Australia soon so we have one less crazily fun person in our group planning all these awesome gatherings and keeping our friendship stronger than ever. Sigh, I am gonna miss his sarcastic remarks during gatherings.
3 posts in a month. Definite improvement lehh. =P
Last watched movie- Revolutionary Road

I thought the ending was so ironic! As we all know, this is the first movie that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet star in together since Titanic. And in Titanic, Leo dies and Kate lives; in this movie, Kate dies and Leo lives. Ironic kan? That aside, their acting was superb and I guess this movie says a lot about life, relationships, marriage and ambitions- finding out what you really want in life. I've always like Leo coz I think he's a great actor, but after watching this and The Reader, I think I'm adding Kate Winslet into my favourite actress list too. ;)
On another note, since we're talking about birthdays:
Another one that will be leaving soon. I'm gonna miss you larh woman. =(

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