Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Can I Do

Hmm. The trend seems to be a post a month eh?
I try! I really do. =/

Anyway, I'm currently buried 6 feet under with assignments in addition to being as sick as a dog coz of this horrible sore throat that hurts everytime I swallow. Hence, I'm gonna talk about something mindless that makes me happy to take my mind of things, like... manicures & pedicures!! =)

I can't remember when I started going for mani/pedi-s but I remember it was my eldest sis who got me hooked! She brought me to Bangsar Village 2, Chic Nail Spa by Soong Ai Ling and to this day, it's still the place I go to when I want my nails to look pretty.

The thing about manicures and pedicures is that if you don't start doing it, you don't see what the fuss is. But once you start, you can't stop! The feeling of looking at your nails all buffed, neat and with no dead skin just gives one a feeling of immense satisfaction!

And of course choosing the different colours makes me feel like a little kid in the candy store again- a little overwhelmed but yet supremely happy and excited.
You might be thinking:"All this over nail colour?"
But really it's one the most relaxing things you can do to pamper yourself and indulge in life's little luxuries.
Besides you don't have to do it often, just once a month or once in two months is pretty good.
In addition to that, if a girl takes care of her nails it says a lot about her. It means that she takes time to care for herself and wants to present herself in the best way she can.
And by that I don't mean those bimbotic girls who have nails so long, holding a cup might just break them clean off. *rolls eyes*
I mean girls who have clean, neat, trimmed, shaped nails instead of girls who have chipped, uneven, dirty fingernails.
The former would so much better to look at right?
So without further ado, let me show you my favourite manicure of all time...

TA-DA! Drawn on my Soong Ai Ling herself. She really is really super talented with nail art!

See the amount of detail? So awesome! Imagine how steady one's hand must be to do that! :0

I wouldn't say this is my favourite pedicure of all time but I can't seem to find the older pics of my mani/pedi-s so yeah, I'll just post the recent ones. =) It is still pretty cool.

My favourite colours for toe nails are dark purple and dark blue in case you were wondering!

If you guys want to try something new, try those two colours! You won't regret it.

And this is my second favourite manicure of all time. The snowflake was just really cute (not to mention incredibly hard to draw since it was so tiny 0_o).

Again drawn by Soong Ai Ling herself. She's pretty awesome. I highly recommend going to her shop if you ever want to get your nails done.

Sigh, I supposed I should go do something productive now. IF (note: IF) I can wean myself off doing mindless things like playing Pet Society and watching Gossip Girl. Damn!

Currently listening to- Nan Quan Mama

Currently hooked on- Gossip Girl Season 2

Currently addicted to- Pet Society

Last watched film- Elephant (it's an experimental film we had to watch for Film Studies. Very interesting camera angles and the usage of long takes and stuff. A lot of people found it weird but I thought it was pretty cool and realistic in a sense.)

So there you have it! A little update on my life. =)


Raven said...

I don't normally like nail art, but the top one is SWEET! :)


Adele said...

haha. you and your snowflake!

that craving for mani/pedi's have died for awhile now.....

maybe it'll come back!

Swan said...

What wor. I like my snowflake ma. ^_^

We must hang out after I pass up these dang assignments. Gah.

Faster crave for mani/pedi again. Then we can go together. Hehe. ;)

I am a real boy! said...

weih ah ! ! ! seriously only once a month lorh u blog . . .

ohw and the snowflake one is the bestest!