Monday, July 12, 2010


So it's been exactly 12 days since I touched down in KLIA into the hot, humid and sweltering heat of Malaysia. I must say this surprise visit was executed pretty perfectly with only Kit Mun and Ka-Yee being kept out of the dark as it was necessary to tell them in order to coordinate our schedules to meet up. I wish I could have filmed everyone's reactions when they realized I was home. I felt so loved seeing/hearing everyone's "OMG, are you freaking kidding me?" voices/expressions. The best one has still got to be Mel's though. The girl was so oblivious even though she was right outside my house and Kit Mun had already hinted at my homecoming so many times! Needless to say, her reaction was epic when she saw me.

The other thing that surprised me actually, was that - WHY la you people don't check which number I'm calling you all from? I called a whole bunch of people and nobody suspected I was back home. It was quite amusing really. I even called Adele's house when she didn't pick up her phone and she didn't even suspect anything.

It was a good idea surprising everyone though. I don't think I will ever forget Wai Yee's shocked face when she saw me; or Kai Jie's blur-ness over the phone trying to figure out whose voice it was; or Jean who practically stopped in her tracks when she caught a glimpse of me. I've missed everyone dearly. And it really feels so good to be back.

These 12 days have been maximized to the fullest I think. I've ate SO much I dread the day I have to step on the scales again. *shudders* I once read that people can apparently figure out what kind of person you are by looking at the food you eat. If that's the case, I think the only thing that people will be able to figure out about me is that I am a glutton.

So, a quick summary of my gastronomic adventures since I've been back. Here goes!

Day 1 - Straight to the OUG market for Pork noodles after I touched down
Pasta Zanmai @ Pyramid with the girls for Kit Mun's farewell

I think we spent close to 3 hours there gossiping and catching up on each other's lives.
And dinner at the Gardens food court where I had my favourite Japanese ramen.

Day 2 - Pan mee for lunch
Marmalade @ Bangsar Village 2 for tea with Jowee and Wei-Lin while we waited for
Vicky's surprise party to begin

This was Wee's wrap and honey latte.

Dinner was Vicky's surprise farewell party at Delicious, BV. Hello Duck Confit Spaghettini and Caesar Salad! Oh, how I've missed you!!

Day 3 - I think I had more hawker food for lunch. Can't quite remember.
Little Penang @ MV for dinner which has the best Char Kuey Teow ever! Trust me,
after you've had that, all the other Char Kuey Teow pales in comparison.

Day 4 - Dim sum brekkie @ Jing Xuan, Kuchai Lama with the primary school bunch
Alexis @ Bangsar for lunch. The usual Penne Carbonara, Caesar salad, Iced Coffe and
Tiramisu. Heaven!
Sushi Zanmai @ MV for dinner. Affordable yet scrumptious sushi. Probably our
favourite Japanese restaurant of all time. Next to Rakuzen, which is owned by the same
company anyway so it doesn't really make a difference.

Day 5 - Lunch @ Lot10 foodcourt

I've never been to the Lot10 foodcourt coz I think it only opened after I left. Overall, it's a nice place to have hawker food in a nice atmosphere with air-con. Apparently some of the hawkers are the original ones from Petaling Street so it was quite authentic. The oyster omelette in my opinion was pretty good but my parents didn't really like it. Of course no oyster omelette can ever compare to the ones in Pandamaran where the omelette is crispy but hey, you have to make do right? Besides it's quite a hassle going all the way to Klang for oyster omelettes.

Hokkien mee which was superb! In fact this is the only Hokkien mee I've ever eaten that can compare to Road 29's Hokkien mee, which has hands down, the best Hokkien mee ever!

Rojak! The sauce was quite good.

Mou mou and I with all the food on the table. Quite the scary actually. In addition to the food above we had Kajang satay, Ice kacang, Lam mee and a coconut.

Dinner was Baskin Robbins! Ice-cream dinners make me so happy!

Day 6 - McD's for brekkie @ Parkson. Sausage egg McMuffin and hash browns!
Chicken chop and nasi lemak for lunch in Damansara coz I teman-ed my dad to do his
Dragon-I @ MV for dinner. They have the best SzeChuan Dan Dan mee and Xiao Long
Baos! Their ribs are pretty good as well.

Day 7 - Rojak for lunch
Mummy's homecooked food for dinner

Day 8 - Lunch with Adele @ the Taiwanese restaurant opposite sushi Zanmai which I can't for
life remember the name of in MV. They have the most awesome cold noodles for only
RM9.80! The only problem with that restaurant is that there's ALWAYS a line outside
waiting to go in. Same with Sushi Zanmai larh.
Road 29, Sun Kam Kee for dinner

Day 9 - Pork noodles again for lunch if I'm not mistaken
Din Tai Fung for dinner. They have awesome fried rice and Japanese cucumber

Their toufu with century egg was quite good as well.

Aforementioned Japanese cucumber which I loved!

Day 10 - Crystal Jade @ MV for lunch
Homecooked food by mou mou for dinner

Day 11 - Homecooked century egg and salted egg porridge for lunch
La Bodega @ Bangsar for tea. If you're ever there the Sauteed button mushrooms
tapas and calamari with aioli are a MUST TRY. Never disappoints, those two. We also
had their Waffles with butter and honey and it was goooood. The waffles were fluffy!!
Dinner was at Unique Seafood in PJ.

They are famous for seafood as the name suggests. Usually we'll have their Clam Ginger soup, Steamed prawns, Barbeque Fish, Salted egg crabs, Two style Kailan, Fried and steamed cod, Mayonnaise Chicken etc.

And of course their Toufu too!

Supper was Pringles, Pods, Super Rings and Kampai while watching the World Cup finals with Jowee. Kancheong maximum. I'm just glad they didn't go into penalty shootouts. And I have decided Casillas is the best goalkeeper ever!!

Day 12 - Woke up at 1pm coz of yesterday's World Cup and had heong pang and Sugar cane
water. I think I'll go have a snack now before dinner!!

So, that sums up my 12 days since I've come home. *pats fat, round tummy*
Now you guys understand why I've grown sideways eh?
So I've shared most of my favourite restaurants here already. But still to come (hopefully I'll manage to fit them all in before I go back) Daorae Korean BBQ, Steven's Corner Roti Telur Bawang Cheese & Ribena Special, Pepper Lunch, Golden Dragonboat's pomfret fish and a Ramly burger.

In between all these gastronomic adventures, I've met up with friends, watched 5 movies in the cinema, catched up on old Sex and the City episodes, re-read Eclipse again in preparation to watch the movie this coming Wednesday, shopped (Zara sale anyone?!), spent time with family, got a haircut, attended a booksale, got my results and finished The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

Life is good. :)


Jowee said...

iM SO glad ur BACK. and OH MY GOSH ALL THE FOOD! and i SO enjoyed football with you and AND AND WE SHOULD SHOP... bangsar mou? lets lets! ! ! hahahahahrrr .....

Adele said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I'm still very much amazed that you cld cover so much in 12 days!!!! OMG!!!!! GENG-ness!! You did/ate/seen so many things already!

Oh oh! you haven't had thai food yet! =D