Saturday, July 24, 2010


I woke up on Thursday morning feeling completely disorientated. I thought I was still in my bed at home, and it took me a few minutes to realize that I wasn't. The surroundings were oddly familiar, which was why I thought I was at home. I was home. It was just a different home. It was the Brissie home.

I think that was the first time I ever felt homesick. Prior to Thursday, I've never felt homesick. Sure, I missed my family, my friends, but I never wished I was back home, living the KL life. And for the first time since I've come to Brisbane; for the first time in 5 months, I felt homesick. I suddenly wished I was back in my room at home, and then I would walk down 3 flights of stairs to the kitchen and my family would be at the dining table - dad and sis getting ready for work and mom pottering about the kitchen making us breakfast. Instead, I got up to make my own breakfast in an empty apartment. The homesickness hit me hard at that moment. It's better today though. I'm glad to be back here again as I walked through the streets of South Bank in the windy, winter air.

Prior to my departure back to Brisbane, my sister warned me that the transition was the hardest. And she was right. I needed a few days to adjust and adapt again to the vastly different lifestyles I led in Brisbane and KL. I think it was a whole lot harder coming back from this holiday than the first time I left because the first time round, KL felt like reality and Brisbane was like an escape from reality, like a holiday. But now, going back to KL felt like the holiday while Brisbane feels like reality. It probably has to do with my whole mindset of the different places. Today I wish I could merge the two - KL and Brisbane. And then I wouldn't feel like I'm giving anything up. But of course, that's not possible.

I was wondering if I should continue with my gastronomic adventures in KL. And I've come to the conclusion that I should. This is largely due to the demise of Scarlett (my trusty, beloved camera). I don't know how it happened, but sometime during my transit from Sydney to Brisbane, Scarlett got wet and won't function properly now. I suspect it might have been the Nestea I put in my bag for a little while when I was boarding the plane. It might have spilled but nothing else in my bag is wet!!! I was so upset, words probably won't even begin to describe it. First of all, Scarlett was a present from my sister. Second, I really really REALLY loved my camera to bits and pieces. I liked how I could adjust most of the settings (flash, ISO, exposure etc.) But most of all, it was something that helped me to record memories, the things I wanted to remember, the moments I treasured and cherished. It's been a trusty companion for the past 2 and a half years, a constant in my bag wherever I went and now it's gone.

When I found my camera wasn't working on Thursday, my sister said my expression looked like someone had died. And I was thinking, of course, my camera died!! It's like a trusty friend was gone. Ah, Thursday was really quite an emo-nemo day for me. Anyway, it wasn't working at all on Thursday, I blow dried it using a hair dryer and put it under my study lamp to er.. sunbathe in hopes that all the stuff inside will dry up. Yesterday I could take pictures again but only pictures with no flash. Today I managed to take 2 flash pictures before Scarlett died on me again. Even if the flash miraculously restores itself, it won't ever be the same again. There's water stains on the screen now and keeps asking me to reset the date and time. Sigh.

So yeah, might as well share the last few good pictures my trusty camera took.

This was at Italiannies, MV after watching Eclipse. Their grape shakes and spinach and artichoke formaggio are a must try over there. However, the rest of the food kinda CMI wan. So yeah. Just trust me and order those only larh if you're ever there.

At Zen, Pyramid after a relaxing massage. Wanted to go to Sushi Zanmai but the line was wayyy too long and besides, it's apparently owned by the same company anyway, just pricier.

Tried out this pastry place on Jalan Delima in KL one of the days. It's called LeVain Boulangerie Patisserie and I highly recommend it if you're a fan of pastries and bread (Adele Wong, are you reading this?!) because theirs is home made and freshly baked. It was quite a satisfying meal. Tried their mushroom soup too and it was goooood. Parking there is a bitch though as they only have limited spaces in front of the shop. But the food and atmosphere totally make up for it!

Had hawker food with the primary school mates at Dataran Sunway before going back to Tropicana for alcohol and karaoke. The usual.

The girls are all red-faced because they split us into boy-girl teams and we lost really badly during the drinking games. Oh and Mirinda soda tastes really REALLY bad when mixed with Vodka. I didn't think that Vodka could ever taste bad but boy, was I wrong.

Finally made it to Golden Dragonboat with the cousins in tow to have my pomfret. It's the dish on the right? Mmm, my all time favourite fish next to cod.

At TGIF, MV having my favourite Cajun Fried Chicken Salad after watching Inception which by the way is probably one of the must-watch movies of the year. Good storyline, great casting, intriguing plot and they had some beautiful shots too.And of course the director is awesome.

After Pepper Lunch in Pyramid. I went to visit them on their first day of classes. The day was really epic and happy and fun-filled. It would have been a perfect day if we hadn't received such horrible news at night - that Mr.Ben had passed away.

Mr.Ben was one of my favourite lecturers in Monash. He taught Film and Television studies and he was one of the reasons that made my first year in university so enjoyable. I think back at all the time we spent in his office discussing assignments, listening to his stories, asking for his opinions; all of his tutorials in which he would lace with sarcasm and humour; all the times he's helped us with our assignments, offered words of encouragement, and I really felt a sense of loss. Life is short, and death is an inevitable path that everyone must face but I couldn't help feeling sad and shocked at his sudden death. I wish he'd had more time, more time for future students to experience his awesomeness and passion for the arts and film. But I know he was well-loved by all his students and friends and will be remembered as someone who inspired many of us. And really, how many of us can say we've touched so many lives in our short time on this earth?

Anyway, that day was really and epic one filled with funny one-liners, jokes and incidents.

For example:

Ea: Oooh, your bracelet is so pretty! It's sparkly! *touches the charms on my bracelet and then the clasp*
Oooh, what's this? Is this a musical instrument? *while holding on to the clasp of my bracelet*
Me: Er... No Ea, that's the clasp of my bracelet.
Jowee: *bursts into laughter*
Ea: Ohh! I thought it was a trombone!

Waitress, after we asked her to help us take a picture: 1... 2... SMELL!!!
Us: *burst into laughter*

Ea: *talking about Jowee's love life*
Me: *looking at Ea and then realizing I can see her ear through her tudung which fascinated me so I interrupted her*
Hey, I can see your ear!!! *while pointing at her ear*
Jowee, Ea and Wei-Lin: *looks at each other then bursts into laughter*

I think there were quite a few more funny ones but I can't remember them now. Suffice to say it was a very entertaining day!

Coincidentally met Yng there too! It was good seeing her. And I saw Wai Yee on the escalator and waved to her as well. I guess it was a good day for meeting people. :)

After Pyramid we adjourned to Shook! in Starhill for tea since my sister had a RM50 voucher. However, they were having a promotion for tea - RM3.60 for everything on the tea time menu from 3pm - 6pm so we couldn't use the voucher but it was really worth it anyway since it usually costs a bomb to eat at Shook!. So don't say I didn't share and go and take advantage of the promotion before it ends! I say go for the German sausage with mash and the SzeChuan Kung Po Chicken.

The walkway between Marriott and Starhill. Some China tourist holding a DSLR was making a fuss about how he couldn't capture all the lights on his camera. Hello, mine is not even a DSLR and I had no problem okay?! You can adjust all your settings and take so much more cooler shots than mine and because he doesn't know how to use it, he was complaining! My goodness, I swear these people don't deserve DSLRs. If you wanna get one, learn how to use it properly la! Wasting money man. I don't understand people who get DSLRs and refuse to learn how to use it properly and leave it on auto mode. What's the point then?! Meh.

Went for Shangri-la buffet for dinner because they have a promotion for all American Express card customers on a Monday. You get 50% off when two people eat. We split the bill so basically between the four of us, two of us ate for free! So worth it! I stuffed myself to the brim with salmon and desserts!

Oh and that's us holding up my new Gorillapod. I walked all over Lowyat looking for a Gorillapod (it's the official name okay!? It's called a Gorillapod) but nobody knew what it was until I described it as a tripod with flexible legs. Finally found it at Foto Shangri-la on the Ground floor for RM25. And then I went to KL Sentral the next day to apply for an Enrich Grad card (so I could get excess 10kg baggage allowance) and I saw a nicer coloured (black and orange. Mine is boring black and white) Gorillapod going for only RM20!!! LOWYAT CHEAT PEOPLE'S FEELINGS WAN!! Sigh. So if you guys are looking for Gorillapods, go to KL Sentral and get them okay? It's the stall outside the Enrich office, behind the check in counters. Seriously, who would think of going to KL Sentral to buy Gorillapods?! Not that it's much use anyway, since Scarlett pretty much died already. Ah well. I'm still upset. Meh.

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Adele said...

WOWEE!! YOU LEFT SO FAST I ONLY MANAGED TO SEE YOU ONCE! But it was all good. <3. At least i caught up with you.

never visit me in UNI. humpf.


I WANNA TRY THAT PASTRY PLACE OMG!!!!!!!! Your blog is making me hungry! Dinner time!=D

Swan.T said...

I knowww. Well, you were busy, I was busy! I didn't actually make it all the way to uni. More like Pyramid. Haha. They came to see me after class. :)

Next time we'll hang out more. And have a sleepover again or something. And I can lend you the awesome, deep sleep inducing powers of my bed. Hehe.

Yes, try that pastry place! I'm pretty sure you'll love it! Miss you!

Debbie said...

Hiii swan! I understand how you feel about the homesick thing... But contrary to you ive been homesick for as long as i can remember during my life in london. I miss home im so attached to my family n frens in KL that im always DYING to go home. You're a tough cookie!

I hope we can meet up some time soon! BTW... the dress you're wearing in one of the photos... the one with a checked print top and black from the waist down... my sis has the exact same dress! Haha great minds think alike ;)

Swan.T said...

Yeah I know how you feel Debbie! Plus you've been away from home longer than I have! But it's okay. It's a good experience right!? :) We'll both get thru it.

Yes yes, I hope to see you soon too? Will you be going back at the end of the yr by any chance?