Thursday, September 3, 2009


I've decided to include posts labelled under Gastronomic Adventures in which I will introduce good food for you guys to feast your eyes on (just to make you hungry) as well as recommend restaurants which I think are good so you all can go and try it out.

Feel free to recommend awesome restaurants to me too! Would love to go and try out more places to eat at.

George and The Dragon

George and The Dragon is actually a pub/restaurant located in Bangsar Shopping Centre on the ground floor.
My aunt and uncle strongly recommended going there to try their crispy pork knuckle which they said was even more yummylicious than El Cerdo's. (In my opinion, El Cerdo's serves the best pork!)
And so on one of the weekends, we ventured there to check it out.

Since it's more of a drinking place, their tables weren't very big and it was quite difficult to accomodate all 5 of us in the same table.
However, their food is pretty awesome! I totally forgot to take pictures of the food we ate but I remember we had bratwurst and pork ribs as well as German salad which were all delightful and very flavourful.

And then, their crispy pork knuckle...

Behold, pork rations for a whole month is here! 0_O

Anyway, their crispy pork knuckle is pretty good. Comparable to El Cerdo's I would say but not better.
It didn't have that jelak porky smell which was good. (That's the first thing I notice when I eat pork knuckle.) And the crispy bits were scrumptious!
Having said that, I didn't like their food presentation though. I mean, I know we're eating pork la but you don't have to stick the bone right in the middle like that. (I made it timber after that by taking out one of it's porky foundations. =P)

Other than that, everything else was pretty good. So if you ever crave pork, you know where to go!


Adele said...

oh yums! i want to try!!!!

i feel like cake now. XD

Swan.T said...

Oooooooh. Cakeeeeeeeee. Sounds good. ;)