Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Sickness Is Myself.

I'm going to do another one of those My-Life-In-Numerics posts again just to jot down some happenings and feelings I want to remember. Bear with me, these few weeks have been absolutely nuts!

1. Paintball yesterday was a pretty cool experience. I survived the war with only a small reddish mark on my left leg as a souvenir. No major bruises or cuts which I am very thankful for, but aching and sore muscles are aplenty. I would definitely go back for another round. This experience has taught me that being caught in a crossfire is utterly not as glamorous as it looks in movies. Confusion is rife and you literally don't know what hit you till you feel the pain. Plus getting hit is so easy coz stray pellets are everywhere. In Adele's words: "I definitely don't wanna be a policewoman." Oh and note to self: If I ever go for paintball with Jern Han again I will shoot at him continuously when he is out of pellets to give him a taste of his own medicine. *evil grin* Bugger refilled 50 pellets when I only had 20 pellets left and then rained pellets on Adele and I as revenge for shooting him earlier. =/

2. The first day after I stopped work, I woke up feeling deliriously free. Maybe I'm so used to the prospect of work or doing stuff that I felt kind of weird not doing anything anymore or counting down the days till I have to busy myself with something. It was awesome really. But I must say, I'm glad I got to work at Hot Potato. It was a rewarding experience. And seeing my name in print in the magazine was pretty cool.

3. We had our company Chinese New Year lunch on my last week of work at Spring Garden, Tropicana Golf and Country Club. The office boy, who's a young mid 20-ish Malay dude, was invited to join us. That was his first Chinese meal he's ever had in his life. We had to explain each dish to him, the ingredients used, what it meant. He didn't even know what yee sang was! 0_o I realized at that point, that we are so close together physically yet so isolated and disconnected from each other's cultures. The concept of exposure also dawned on me. Some people don't even have to chance to be exposed to or get to experience the culture and traditions of another race who live in the same country because of poverty. We take forgranted too many things. Really and truly.

4. Today is Thursday. I am jetting off on Monday. I have not packed. At all. I think it's a combination of procrastination and the significance of packing once I do start. Packing makes leaving real. It makes leaving behind all things comfortable and reliable - friends, family and home, tangible. And it scares me. The unknown. How do you pack your whole life into a 30kg suitcase? At least moving was slightly easier, the unknown was only 5 minutes away and I could take as many boxes as I wanted to. But this... this is taking things to a whole new level. I think the magnitude of leaving has finallt started to catch up with me.

5. I got another piercing on my ear today. I've been wanting it for ages but it was a spur of the moment thing to do it today. Kit Mun and I got it done - hers on the right and mine on the left. Mel chickened out at the last minute even though it was her idea to go pierce. =.= I think I have quite a thing for impulsive decisions. Probably has something to do with the adrenaline rush I get when I do impulsive stuff.

6. I cut and dyed my hair yesterday and it looks much healthier now. I think I should have cut it slightly shorter though, it's gonna be pretty long when I come back from Aussieland. =S

7. Today was our farewell outing amongst the college gang since everyone will be leaving after this. I think I'm gonna miss laughing and doing crazy things as well as telling funny stories with you guys the most. I'm glad we found each other. I love how we manage to gel together to easily even though we're all so different. I am going to miss you girls so, so much!

8. I handed in my withdrawal form to Monash today. I felt a hollow sensation in my heart at the thought of walking in as a Monash student for the last time. Monash was a heck of a good first year of uni and I fervantly hope that second year will be as good, if not better.

Anyway, that's all I can think of for now. Check back later for longer posts. Will definitely try to squeeze in a few more before I leave. Cheers!


Jowee said...

hey dun worry, time is a good healer. just sucks that we have to go through it for now.
we will always be bffs. for laif.

Steffie, YnG said...

gosh...cant believe time flies so fast that my lou po zai has to take off to aussie adi...

altho we x hang out much...
but i still very miss you
take many photos when u get there kay??
i want to see how u going..
take care,dear~
keep in touch

Steffie, YnG said...

aiks,i nearly forgot

update ur blog often kay?
i will update mine often too
after settled down in monash,i guess i probably have alot things to share about LoL...


Swan.T said...

Wee: I know. But it's a bit disconcerting. Here you guys are like my safety net. You'll catch me when I fall. Over there... there's nobody! T.T But yes. We will always be bffs. FOR LAIF!!!

Ying: Hey Lgz! I will try my very best la. I will miss you too. You take care of yourself okay?

Adele said...

Paint ball was FUUUUNNNN!! Yes its time for some sweet sweet revenge. =D

I"M SO GONNA MISS YOU SWAN! PACK ME into that suitcase of yours and forget everything else. =D