Sunday, November 1, 2009

First of the Gang to Die.

For as long as I can remember, I've disliked cigarette smoke. Someone recently asked me why, which got me thinking.

When I was maybe 4 or 5 years old, I once thought that it looked cool to smoke. (Sorry, blame it on all the movies, bad baaaad influence) But gradually, smoking started becoming repulsive. I really can't pinpoint when it started. It may have been when my eyes started to water because they were sensitive to smoke. Or maybe I just have an overly sensitive sense of smell, which I recently just found out. Wee and I walked into a lift in uni the other day and I immediately knew that the previous occupant of the lift had been smoking. And Monash is a smoke free campus mind you, so the smell had have to come from the person's clothes and body. I scrunched up my nose and made a face but Wee said she couldn't smell anything. Maybe that's the reason why I dislike it so much. I can smell it so abundantly and others can't. Sometimes when I walk into Mr.Ben's office I can smell it too...the distinct smell of tobacco.

Maybe it's because I've been stubbed by a cigarette before and it wasn't a pretty sight. I was walking the streets of Mongkok in Hong Kong and well, in Hong Kong half the damned population are smokers so it's not uncommon to see the locals walking the streets while smoking. The thing is, they like holding their stupid cigarettes at hip level while walking so it sticks out. And of course, it's HK, the population is damn crazy for such a small place so it's supremely crowded, I was weaving through the streets when this idiot decided to take a drag of his cigarette and then put his hand down while I passed by him effectively burning my hand with his cigarette. It effing hurt and I had a nice, red, round burn mark for the next few days.

But I think my passionate dislike for smoking started a long time before that incident. That incident just served to increase my dislike of smoking. I think the real reason that I really hate cigarretes and the act of smoking so much is because it's so inconsiderate. I mean, hey you wanna destroy you teeth and lungs and release stress please be my guest! But don't destroy everyone else's in the process with your icky secondhand smoke.

I'm not saying I hate ALL smokers (I know lots of lovely people who happen to be smokers, but they are awesome nevertheless), just the inconsiderate ones. Like the ones that burn people with their cigarettes, no matter how accidental that was. And the ones that know you don't smoke, yet blow all their disgusting smoke into your face. Pregnant ladies smoking also pisses me off- do they not know they it harms the baby or do they not care? It's the same for parents who smoke in front of their young kids. Not because they're being a bad role model or whatever because all role models come with flaws. But do they not know that smoking in front of kids increases their chances of developing asthma? Or even the idiots that think they look so cool smoking. Urgh. The reasons that people start to smoke sometimes disgust me. I mean, if you started smoking because it helped you release stress or kept your weight down by supressing your appetite I can still understand.

But if you started smoking because of peer pressure or because it looked cool, THAT I cannot accept. I think it's stupid that you can be such a pushover. Just because other people smoke doesn't mean you have to. This applies especially for guys. Let me reiterate: it's NOT COOL to smoke. In fact, it's disgusting and repulsive. No matter how manly you think you look when you're smoking, you don't. You just look stupid holding a cancer stick. Besides, there are already so many things we're doing to ruin our health, you don't need to add smoking to that list.

Wee once asked me if I was ever curious about what smoking felt like. I'm not. Not for one second. I have no desire to be a chimney for even just once. Which is saying something because I'm usually pretty curious about everything. Maybe I'm biased. But really, morphing into a puffing chimney is not high on my to-do list but who knows? If ever I feel the compelling urge to understand why smokers smoke, I might try it one day.

Until then, you guys smell and taste like cancer.



Jowee said...

i love that i am mentioned. ;) i agree ;)

heh heh u do have a sensitive nose for smokesmells. . .

Adele said...

NO! for whatever the reason! smoking is unacceptable! =P


I dislike(hate) girls who smoke. LOL! its just so.......Low. XD