Friday, November 20, 2009

Turn that frown upside down!

These past few weeks of holidays have been absolutely awesome! I think we don't learn to appreciate holidays enough till we've had a taste of working life. Because after that, holidays seem like something to be treasured.

I will never understand why people get bored during the holidays. It seems like there's endless possibilities of things to do, people to meet, places to go that we, or rather, don't have the time to do normally. And even then, there's opportunity cost involved because I can never seem to decide what to do next? Choosing to do one fun thing leads to forgoing another fun acitivity. For example, by choosing to watch TV (I can never seem to find the time to do this on normal days), I'm forgoing reading a good book (trust me, the list of books I want to read is staggering due to it being accumulated over the year). Or by choosing to go out, I'm forgoing all the time I can spend at home chilling- which is really hard to come by. Decision decisions. =/

Anyway, I was looking through all the videos we took during our epic badass sleepover at Ea's mansion in the jungle and I was laughing so hard, my cheeks hurt! To an outsider I probably looked crazy, staring at the computer screen, laughing to myself. 0_o

But some of them really are so funny. The crazy things we come up with! I'm just gonna post a few for remembrance here. Everyone else may not get what we were trying to do/convey or all our crazy jokes but hey, if you do understand, you're in for a ride!

This was our short choreography to Vengaboy's Boom Boom Boom Boom! in the car on the way to Janda Baik. What can I say, when you put crazily energetic girls in a confined space for 2 hours this is what you get! :P

And this is us trying to learn Pixie Lott's Boys and Girls music video dance choreo. Look at Ea! :D

Still trying to learn the choreo. Looking at these never fails to crack me up.

Wei-Lin's slim shady joke. Lol. XD

And this is Vicky's racist joke. Damn funny if you get it.

and this our little adventure in the buggy while it was pouring cats and dogs. It doesn't look like we're going very fast here but it was really scary when Wei-Lin turned super sharp corners. There's funnier, longer ones of us in the buggy but I decided not to put it up. Embarassing. :P

And to end it all, here's a proper video of us doing a cover of Black Eyed Pea's I Gotta Feeling.

Wei-Lin's voice is really beautiful- so soulful and soothing.

I'm sorry the sound isn't very good here though- what can you expect la, I used my camera to record so it isn't exactly very professional. =/

Anyway, I hope you had fun laughing at/with us. ;)

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