Saturday, November 7, 2009


Currently in love with- The Baseballs

Gosh, y'll must check them out! They're a German band doing covers of modern songs in 50s rock and roll music. It's so awesome.

Check this out.

One of the best covers of Rihanna's Umbrella ever.

I really like their cover of Katy Perry's Hot n Cold, Usher's Love in this Club (which is saying something considering that I don't even like the original version), Plain White T's Hey There Delilah and Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love (I'm not a big fan of the ori version either).

On a completely unrelated note, finals are overrrrr so it's PARTAYYYYY TIME!


Nabil said...

swan! see, i do remember your name. :D

uprising - referring to muse?

Swan.T said...

Haha. But tht doesn't count! My name is proudly displayed in the sidebar. :P

Yeah! E'a burned Muse's new album for me a while ago and I'm loving it! :D