Monday, November 16, 2009

That Brilliant Streak Across the Sky...

“For one reason or another, most folks on this tiny little planet seem to be mesmerized by fireworks. Maybe it's the sheer pyrotechnics of it all, the power we have to make beautiful explosions. Maybe it's the overwhelming brilliance that comes with that final pop of light. Or maybe yet, it's that child-like thrill imprinted into us that comes from the unexplained phenomenon of night fires - something that still hasn't dissipated even after our however many years of living. But, maybe we see something more in fireworks. Something that most others can't recognize. Maybe we love these glorious shows of light because we can relate. Like these fiery lights, we are strong, explosive, thundering in unspoken magnitude, yet so incredibly mesmerizing. Quietly we shoot to life, shattering into a million tiny pieces of broken glass, and then in an instant we sizzle away into the night, leaving the world wide-eyed and staring. We disappear, the explosion gone, but that hazy trail, our smoky sweet dust powdered across the night sky will forever be there for others to blaze. We are tiny explosions all over the world, popping with every brush of greatness, and collectively we form a gloriously blinding blanket of light and life. We are stunning, captivating ; explosive diamonds broken across the night sky, falling back down to earth and leaving our mark on the world. Sometimes we may not shimmer like we intended and instead only stun our audience with a quiet pop. other times we may not fire at all. Nevertheless, our potential is there. And when we become kinetic, nothing can stop us. We are beautiful and strong ; brilliant and graceful. We are the fireworks show of the world, running year-round. And nothing could ever come close to the beauty we leave behind.”
– Penelope Bat.

And we are- so full of infinite possibilities and potential. We should never forget that. Let this be a reminder to myself and everyone who reads this:

We are everything we say we can be, and so much more.

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