Sunday, November 22, 2009

Perfectly Imperfect.

I've heard a lot about Palate Palette but haven't actually been to the place till today.
In terms of atmosphere and decoration, Palate Palette did not dissapoint.
It was quirky with the mismatched chairs and tables as well as cool vector art lookalike patterns on the walls. And the chill out music was good too.

I particularly loved this part of the wall with the drawing that looks like it could be used to measure one's height and the polaroid pictures beside it combined with all the stars really drew me in.

If my art was as good, this is what I would've wanted to paint on my bedroom walls.
But sadly my art sucks. :(

Loved the multicoloured spiral steps as well.
My mom spoiled it by saying: "Having spiral steps no good for feng shui. Makes you luck and fortune go round round only- you will never get to enjoy it. Cannot trap the luck." 0_o
Such a typical mom thing to say.
I wonder why as people grow older, they become more superstitious. =.=

My sister and I with the cute walls behind us.

My sis and her umbrella ella ella man.

I really like this shot with the colourful wordings on the mirrors and the assortment of bottles beneath it. Turned out better than expected I must say.

Our first dish- Mushroom Soup which was a chef's recommendation.
It was made up of authentic mushrooms blended together but it lacked salt and pepper so it was a little bit tasteless in the beginning but we remedied that by adding more salt and pepper.

My drink- Iced Mocha with Hershey's Chocolate.
They used Illy Coffee so the aroma of coffee was really REALLY good. Plus the chocolate at the bottom tasted like melted Hershey's so that really added to awesomeness of the drink. :D

Tandoori Chicken Satay
It was good and the meat was pretty tender but for some reason all of us felt the sauce lacked something. Like that extra kick to push it into the awesome category. It wasn't bad though, it was actually pretty good but for some reason, it just lacked that special something.

Egg Salad Sandwich
Pretty typical this one but it was good nonetheless.

Palette salad
I liked this salad, especially the dressing because it was really flavourful.
And they were generous with the dressing too. :)

Chicken Lasagna
This was pretty standard too but it was delicious as well.

Asparagus and Smoke Chicken Penne
The portion of the pasta was huge! It doesn't look like it here though but the bowl is VERY deep. We couldn't finish this dish.
Overall, the pasta was not bad. The smoked chicken really gave it flavour.
However, we felt a bit cheated because the menu said it was white sauce and we all know white sauce should be creamy and sinful but it wasn't.
Oh and it lacked salt too. =/

Took a trip to the loo. My sister was fascinated with the many locks on the toilet door and asked me take a picture.

Then, we went upstairs (up the colourful spiral staircase) to poke around.
The colourful flamingoes caught my eye.

They have a carousel horse on the bar!!!

And a giraffe's bottom sticking out from the roof. So adorable!

Basically upstairs is used more for functions/ events or big groups of people.
They have a disco ball too!!
Sorry I am very fascinated with disco balls one....I considered putting one in my bedroom you know! But they are so expensive. :(

Pretty peacock wall painting.

All in all, I'd say Palate Palette is a good hang out/ chill out place for drinks.
But I wouldn't say the food is fantastic though.
I probably still prefer Alexis or Delicious food.
Neverthelss, it is quite worth visiting at least once. ^_^

Palate Palette Restaurant and Bar
21, Jln Mesui off Jln Nagasari,
50200 KL.
Closed on Mondays

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