Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All About Us.

Last month, I spent a few days helping Ea and Jowee with their music video.
We filmed most of our shots in Monash, some in my house and on Pyramid's roof top.
Although it was super tiring for the most part, it's also one of the fun-est things I've done in awhile. So thank you girls! For inviting me to be a part of this wonderful experience.
I can now say that I've been a part of a music video production. :)
Before you guys watch the actual music video, take a look at the behind the scenes shots!
Our direction/producer-Zaleha on the left taking her lunch break! Check out her mouthful of spaghetti on the left. :P

Introducing the other director/producer who was doubling up as a crew member!

On a completely unrelated note, I think the dead cat(the fluffy mike) is so cute! It amuses me for some weird, inane reason.

This was how dedicated everyone was! The sun was glaring and we were all sweating buckets but we persevered for the sake of art! ;)

Director/Producer er... instructing her main actors while the other director/producer sets up the equipment.


At one point, one of the wheels came out and ALL the future engineers came to the rescue.

Sometimes, having boys around can come in handy! :P


Transporting the dolly!


The equipment.


Day 2 of the shoot was done on Pyramid's roof top.

If either Jon or Ea were to slip, it's a LONG way down. Yikes!


This was the final day of the shoot.


The two directors/producers taking five while waiting for the actors to get their act together.

It was an awesome experience girls, I'd relive it in a heartbeat even though it involved lots of hard work.

Anyway, here's the final product! I hope you guys enjoy it/ understand the storyline!

PS: See if you can guess my feet correctly! :D


Jowee said...

yay yay yay! its being promoted! thanks swan!

Jowee said...

oh and thank u once again for being such a big part of this and helping us with all the equipment, ur time, hardwork, house, wardrobe! ! ! you were really so integral to this production, we can't thank you enough.

video production said...
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