Saturday, December 12, 2009

Neither Here Nor There.

The question isn't about staying together forever- with the right amount of patience and perseverance, anyone can do that; it's about staying HAPPY together forever.
Anyway, this will probably be a pretty long, picture heavy post. If you're not in the mood for on those posts I suggest you read these bite sized versions:
1) Andrea's concise version
2) Jowee's short, sweet and fun version
3) Adele's two in one version
My version will be a more detailed one since it was my 19th birthday after all and it was a time to remember. :D
Let the shrine of narcissism begin!

So I fetch Mel and Wee down to Sheraton to check in and thus began our epic hotel sleepover!
It was super jammed on Imbi that day die to those good-for-nothing traffic policemen so bear with our continuous shots!

The Octopus mouth is the easiest thing to do when you need to change facial expressions I've noticed. :P

My friends are so comel laaa... <3

Once my dad and sis checked us in and we were done oogling the room, camwhore time begun!
My right and left hand girls. Don't pway pway!

And then we decided to get ready for dinner. Look at all the gorgeous dresses! Wee and Mel had a dilemma choosing which one to wear so we decided to have a mini fashion show trying on each other's dresses since we had to wait for Ann to arrive anyway.

The fashion show begins! I guess girls never tire of playing dress up do they?
That's Mel in my dress and Wee peeking out of the closet.

Loving Jowee's hair here! So pwetty.
And I'm trying on Mel's dress which has a gorgeous back! You guys can check out Five Fashion Friends to see our complete outfits for that day! ;)

Once our outfits were settled, we started to take jump shots.
And this was the perfect jump, except that we look like headless chickens.
Ah well, at least it's funnier this way.
Touching up our make up was next in line and here you can see the look of intense concentration on my face as I try not to poke my eye whilst trying to make myself look good.
Oh, the things we do to look pretty!

Now, it's time for a gastronomic adventure!
We decided on Dome for dinner at Pavilion and this is my all-time favourite drink at Dome- Cranberry Cooler!
Basically, it's just cranberry syrup and sprite but somehow Dome makes the best Cranberry Coolers. I've tried similar ones in Alexis and Chinoz before but they just don't do the drink justice.
If you like something with a bit of fizz in it, this is a must-try!

Next up, Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice-Cream.
This was pretty standard with the gooey, sweet, sticky chocolate.
The only thing that left me slightly irritated was that they served this as the second or third dish. Hello? Desserts are meant to be served AFTER dinner. At least ASK before you serve it la right?

Pesto Caesar Salad
So we alternated between super sweet dessert and savoury starters and mains.
Their Caesar was pretty good because of the pesto sauce- which made it slightly similar to The C.Club's Caesar.
Back in the day, I remember my sister would go to Dome JUST to eat their Caesar Salad coz it had a full egg in it. However, they have since changed their resipe but it tastes just as good if you ask me.

This is another all-time Dome favourite of mine too- Creamy Seafood Pasta
It's sinful with all the cream and pretty flavourful too. What more can you ask for?
Best served with lashings of black pepper! ;)
Oh and their prawns are fresh! Not the artificial chewy kind. Urgh.

After our filling dinner, we walked around Pavilion trying to let the food digest and guess who we bumped into at Diva? Nicole Chin!
I seem to always be bumping into people at Diva- that store feng shui good la.
I bumped into Debbie and Wei-Lin at the same time in Diva MV.
They shoudl be called: Diva- Bring People Closer Together By Their Love For Accessories.
Lol XD

And this is, as Ann calls it- a commercial break from all the picture viewing. Drink Coke!
It was actually pretty funny watching this dude decide whether or not to continue walking while we were taking the picture. In the end, he decided to walk right when Jowee thought he wouldn't, and this is the end result- Drink Coke!

Pavilion's Christmas deco this year is superb! With all the fairy lights and ginormous Christmas trees, it was truly magnificent indeed.
Group picture before Adele had to leave because she had her IELTS the next day.
Thank you so much girl for coming even though you had a pretty important exam the next day. It means a lot to me. *hugs*

Headed back to the hotel for Wee and Mel to do an outfit change and oh, funny story!
On the way back to the hotel as we were exiting the parking lot, we were held up as this car was blocking the exit. While we passed by the car that was holding up traffic, we saw this shiny black 2 door BMW parked right at the exit, a girl throwing up as she sat in the passenger seat and her boyfriend (presumably the owner of the BMW) frantically wiping her puke off his car door, looking up at her in concern and asking if she was okay, and then resumed wiping his precious car.
And this is why dating car lovers suck. The car is more important than you.
Bah, humbug.

Love that spotlight from above, midnight sun indeed! :D
And for the record, standing on pebbles in heels is really no joke. =.=

They had a massage table next to the pool!
And I already said this is a narcisstic shrine so big ass pictures of me are compulsory! :P

I love this candid shot of Mel and Ann! We were waiting for Kit Mun btw, that's why we had so much free time.

Improved version of See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil.

A really nice Caucasian lady offered to take this photos for us! Her angle was really awesome!

Kit Mun finally arrived and we headed out to Maison.

Despite having a bit too many lecherous guys filming ugly podium girls dancing as well as ah bengs, I think we managed to have fun!

This first drink we scored for the night which... nobody drank.
I swear Malaysian guys, or more specifically ah bengs are a complete failure at picking up girls!
You do not, let me repeat, you NEVER walk up to a girl's table hold a drink, plop it down, and then leave without saying a word! Jeez. Who is going to drink your drink like that? We have no idea what it was or if it was spiked and when we tried asking him, he remained tight lipped and walked away. Epic PHAIL!. So we just left it there at the table.

Now this guys was a bit smarter- he took an entire bottle of Chivas and poured it right in front of us and clinked glasses. Thank you Waleed, for having some common sense!

It was a pretty good night I felt and we hit the dance floor shortly after our Mission For The Night was accomplished. ;D

My present from the girls. So suspicious lol, what is it?
I told Kit Mun I wanted Taboo, and lo and behold, they got me Taboo!
Ask and thou shalt receive indeed. :D
We spent the rest of the night or morning I should say playing Twister and Taboo! So much fun!
It is actually quite hard to play Twister when you've got a slight buzz going in your head but we did it pretty well and burned some calories holding super hard positions till like 7 in the morning! :D
The party don't stop just because we were back in the hotel room yo!

Unfortunately Mel K.O-ed for awhile but woke up when we beeped the Taboo beeper in her ear 2 hours later. Lol XD

And of course, we continued our Langkawi tradition of taking bikini showers.
Except we decided to do bikini hot tub first!
It is super relaxing to soak in hot HOT water after a long night out. Props to Jowee who ran the bath!

We popped in a DVD (Ghost of Girlfriend's Past) at around 7.30am but all of us crashed and took some much deserved rest on the fluffy hotel beds.
We woke up again around 10am, and I found it amusing how we all got up at exactly the same time! Our brains are so in sync it's not funny! Anyway did our make up and showered before checking out and heading off to have lunch.

Check out our bikini line! :P

Ann's intense concentration look! Eh, curling lashes also needs skill and concentration okay!
Btw, Ann I love your lashes- they're so long!

Decided to try out Pepper Lunch and it was really yummylicious!
But being the glutton that I am, I forgot to take picture and dug right in so I can't really do a gastronomic adventure post. :(
Oh well, suffice to say, it was good and you should try it one day!

And so ends my epic brithday sleepover. Thanks to all of you darling girls who made it.
I love you guys like crazy!
I think what made this sleepover so crazily fun was that we all gel-ed together so easily and all of us liked to dress up and do all the girly, fun things together. Outings with you guys are always awesome! Sg. Wang next k, girls! Can't wait!


AndreaC said...

Swan, I had a really good time with you girls for your birthday!
Oh, and about guys being car lovers, Nick said to be the other day "Be more careful when ur coming in my car ok" and I was confused. He then continued "you see girls have long nails and you might scratch my car while opening the door, just look at my mum's car man!" No wonder he's been opening the door for me lately.
MOS soon kay? xoxo

Swan.T said...

I'm glad you did Ann! Lol at Nick's car & long nails comment! Nvm least you can pretend he's being chivalrous by opening doors for you. :D
And yes yes, let's MOS it soon. Can't wait!

Jowee said...

hahah ann, thats quite a funny story. lol. AND WE HAD AN AWESOME TIME WITH U TOO SWANNNN

Jowee said...

i want to mOS TOOOooohhh

Adele said...

hahaha. you're welcome.=D. thanks for having me!