Thursday, March 18, 2010

High Times.

I think that the experience of going abroad to study is such an important. On one hand, it is a privilege since you get the experience of a lifetime that not everyone gets the chance to go through. On the other, I feel that it teaches you so many things.

I remember thinking to myself that coming here would be the ultimate test of independence since I've never really left home before. And I think I've managed pretty well. Granted, I am extremely lucky to have my sister with me. I think having one member of your family here makes a lot of difference since I didn't come with any friends. It's like a little piece of home with you. I can't say I think I've really changed as a person. I'm still me. Klutzy and selfish. But I think it's good being away from home for awhile and experiencing new things and starting anew, experiencing a different sort of university life.

This is typically what I cook if I'm feeling lazy. Which is most of the time. My sister and I eat a LOT of eggs over here. Because we don't really eat much meat here, we're hoping all the eggs will supplement the lack of meat. That and eggs are super easy to cook. :P

Another typical meal for us would be salads. Just coz they're easy to make and we try to be healthy and eat our greens. Even though the dressing is usually Caesar or French Onion with Sweet Chilli and Maggi Seasoning so the health factor is null. =/

Otherwise it's pasta or Indomee. Basically, anything that's easy to cook. I admire people who can spend eons in the kitchen just to prepare one meal. I'm impatient. So when I want to eat, I want to eat as quick as possible. So food that doesn't take a lot of preparation is my best bet! Lazy, I know.

I never really acknowledged how hard it was to plan and prepare meals everyday till I came here. It really is a big headache, especially if you don't want to end up eating the same thing everyday. So if you don't have to prepare your own meals, appreciate whoever's cooking them! :D

This is a view of Brisbane from Mount Cootha.
I think sometimes being persistent doesn't pay off. Especially if someone has already rejected you. You really should just piss off.

However, the wonderful thing about staying on your own is the freedom. It's pretty awesome knowing you can do whatever you want to do, whenever you see fit.

Brisbane's One Tree Hill. Lol XD

This is my sister standing in front of the UQ Social Sciences and Humanities library. UQ has like 14 libraries or something like that. It's crazy! Puts all Malaysian libraries to shame!

Sandstone buildings are so majestic somehow. UQ turns 100 years old this year. Come to think of it, my high school is actually a few years older than my university! :D

See, that big piece of greenery behind me? It's called the Great Court. And the Aussies like to go sit on the grass and tan/eat/chill. I have sat on the grass a grand total of... 2 times. I am not very angmoh as you can see. :P I still find sitting on the grass kinda icky but ah well, might as well try and enjoy the experience!

The only thing bad about studying in such a big university is when you have back to back classes at opposite ends of the campus. It's crazy trying to huff and puff your way to your next class and trying not to be late.

I miss driving my lil' green tortoise around. I take forgranted much when I am at home. The luxuries of a car is one. I used to be able to leave whenever I wanted to because I could just drive to uni at any time. Now I have to plan my times according to the ferry schedule. Sometimes when I am just a minute too late, I watch the ferry going past as I stand at the traffic light waiting for it to turn green so I can cross the road and board the ferry. It's a very frustrating feeling to see the ferry glide right past you without being able to do anything. Ann is right - the adventures and thrills of taking public transport.

When I do manage to catch the ferry JUST in time, I am deliriously happy. I can still feel my heart thumping due to all the speedwalking/running like a mad woman involved to catch the ferry and I am pleased coz I don't have to wait. It's rather amusing at times. And annoying at others.

Computers in the library are all Macs here. Not just in the journalism lab! :D

And yes, we have our very own Art Museum on campus! Art here, or at least the exhibition that was going on at the time was very Aborigine centered. Most of it was about how Aborigines are discriminated and stuff. I suppose it's like how Malaysian art, a lot of it is about politics and stuff as well.

Rows and rows of library books. It makes me feel slightly claustrophobic at times. But at others, I am in awe of how much knowledge there is on the shelves. Probably has something to do with my love for books. I am a nerd like that.

You know you're an epic phailure when your sister uses your student card to borrow textbooks when she isn't even studying before you do. Sigh... fail Swan, fail.

On another note, I walked into the coffee table the other day. As a result I have ugly looking yellow and purple bruises on my thighs and knees. Don't ask me how I did that, I told you amaze myself at my klutziness at times.

By the way, I highly recommend watching Paper Heart starring Michael Cera and Charlene Yi. It was a pretty good movie though I think the ending is questionable. But I like how they incorporated the documentary style into the film. And the answers about love by the little kids are just so cute! Kids really do say the darnest things sometimes. I like listening to stories of how couples met and got married and STAYED married. It's always fascinating to me... and restores my faith in the institution of marriage. It's heart warming to know that not all marriages end in a blubbering mess of divorce and indifference. Or angry, hurtful words, like knives, being hurled at each other. Sometimes I wonder how two people who claimed to love each other so much can become like that after years and years of staying together. It doesn't make sense. It makes you wonder, did they truly love each other? Can you really fall out of love? I guess you can. If you can fall in love, it makes sense to be able to fall out of love.

I think it's time to stop procrastinating and start some of my assignments. My web design course still scares me even though I know how to write basic HTML code now. ;)


Jowee said...

i love wht ur sis is wearing.
i love tht u can wear boots.
I know who ur talking bout? heh heh the persistent person.

love u !

Swan.T said...

Yeah, I really like my sister's Maxi dress too! Yeah, it's the same old persistent dude. Now he wants to go rockclimbing. Meh. =/

Adele said...

i told you you'll be lazy to cook so you'll end up losing weight. No? HAHAHA! =D

Anyways. Looks like you're having lotsa fun!

I WANT FUN TOO. i still have to learn referencing. T_T.

made some silly mistakes in reports already. T_____T. le sigh.


Swan.T said...

No!!! I eat way more junk coz when I'm lazy to cook, I'll just eat chips and biscuits and ice-cream. It's superrr badd. =(

It's okay'll get the hang of referencing soon. It's not very hard plus lecturers usually forgive first years one larh. So won't be penalized too much! Miss you too! <3