Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Into The Night...

Just another quick My-Life-In-Numerics again as I take this little breather in between this crazy period of assignments and presentations.

1. There is this absolutely ridiculous group on facebook named "My Sister Said If I Get 1 Million Fans She Will Name Her Baby Megatron' which everyone seems to be joining. I think they've all lost their senses, the lot of them. Why the eff would anyone want to name their kid Megatron? Can you imagine the poor kid's childhood? The amount of teasing he would get about his name from all the other kids in school? Can you imagine what would happen everytime the kids introduces himself? Or what if the kid grows up and enters the corporate world? I mean seriously, can anyone envision themselves saying to their potential employer: "Nice to meet you, I'm Megatron!" People would probably think it's a joke and go :"No seriously, what's your name?" Take that and multiply it by a million times and you get the life of that poor kid. And I'm operating under the assumption that the kid is a boy, what if it's a girl? Besides, why you name your kid after the evil, not-very-cool baddie in Transformers? If you reall wanted to, should've named him Optimus Prime. At least his transformer truck is cool and the kid can be known as Optimus. Better than Megatron right?

I'm really glad my parents were sensible and didn't give me funny names. Thank you mummy and daddy for giving me a name that actually has meaning and sounds good and not Tan Long Kang or Kleenex Tan or some other nonsensical name like that!

2. I went for a local stand-up comedy show the other day. One of my sister's friends was performing and he invited us along for free. :) Personally, I feel that stand-up comedy is one of the hardest things a person can do, or do well for that matter. The show we went to was called "Exit Laughing" and was performed by ordinary people who only did a 6 week course in stand-up comedy and had the guts to perform after that. It was pretty amazing, because most of the acts seemed so professional! I never knew you actually had to write out a script for stand-up comedy. I mean, obviously you have to have some sort of draft, but I never knew you needed a full-blown script coz it always seemed so conversational and easy-going. I guess half the hard work goes into making it seem conversational instead of a memorized script.

On another note, I think the best comedians are the ones who don't need to use a lot of swear words or sexual content in their jokes. I noticed much of the jokes revolved around swear words and sex. But I think, if you can make people laugh without having to put in those two elements, then you truly are a master!

3. I've noticed this about doing presentations in Aussie. The Aussies like to read from a piece of paper instead of present. Well, most of them did anyway. For the entire presentation, they basically just held a piece of paper in front of them and read it word for word. Tutors back home would have cut major marks for style of presentation. But I guess it's not as important here. *shrugs*

4. We had a guest lecturer talk to us for our International Journalism and Mass Comm. lecture this week about war/crisis reporting. I've never aspired to be a hard news journalist but I really admire those people that do. And even more so, those that would risk their lives just for a picture or a story to let people know what's going on in a particular country. Anyway, the guest lecturer showed us a short film he made on the dangers of foreign correspondants and journalists reporting from war-torn, conflict countries and it is really sad to hear about all the horrors they've encountered. Especially the ones about the landmines. They must have gone through traumatizing experiences just to try and publish news and inform the world. I also think it's really sad that, more journalists have died in the Iraq war compared to that of World War 2 and all the other wars before Iraq. It's probably because the terrorists groups target journalists to either kill them or hold them for ransom. But I don't understand... what do they hope to achieve by doing it? I mean, other than the money obviously, and the power they momentarily gain over a country as they videotape themselves beheading someone. But that's it. Human lives lost in order for you to make some stupid point about religion and politics. Is it worth it?


I think that pretty much sums it up.

5. Watched Alice In Wonderland on Sunday (finally!) and thought it was awesome! Who knew the Mad Hatter could be such a knight when he wanted to be? However, I think wayy too much emphasis has been given on the clothes Alice wore in the Red Queen's castle. I thought it was pretty and ingenious but it wasn't my favourite outfit. My favourite outfit was actually the first one she wore after she shrunk. But to each his, or in this case, her own I guess.

6. I've noticed that people seem to like converting old curches into something else here in Brissie. For example, the Pancake Manor used to be a church and is now a 24 hour pancake shop. One of the only 24 hour restaurants in Brissie I might add. And this club I went to the other day called Magic City @ The Church was you guessed it! A former church. Oh the irony of converting a former church into a club. And don't get me started on the name Magic City... it sounds like a place where people go to do drugs or something! Like they go there and suddenly everything is whoop-de-doo MAGIC! 0_o Calling it The Church is wayyy cooler albeit ironic. The good thing about clubbing here is that smoking is NOT ALLOWED inside clubs, or restaurants for that matter. The way it should be. No more smelling like chimneys after dancing or getting accidentally stubbed by cigarettes! :D Oh, and there are wayyyy more hot guys (and hot girls too) in clubs here compared to back home! Eye candy FTW! ;)

7. Two more days till the parents, aunt, uncle and cousins touch down in Aussie! I am quite excited at the prospect of seeing them. Let's hope there's no family drama-ramas. Don't think I can deal with it anymore.

And there you have it! I must now get back to doing the laundry and vacuuming, so the place looks spick and span when mom arrives. Mustn't give her a reason to nag ma, right?! :P

Enjoy the Easter/ mid-sem break guys!

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