Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Waiting In Line.

First official post from the Land Downunder, well at least for 2010 and the duration of my stay for the purpose of furthering my studies. I'm pretty sure I blogged here when I was visiting my sister a few years back.

So, My Life In Numerics again because there just wayy to much to say, jot down and remember and because I've only just got my broadband. :D

1. Sitting here on the 9th floor, listening to the sounds of the cars whizz by on Coronation Drive below and the laughter of the patrons from the bar opposite floating in through the glass doors, I am at peace. Things have finally settled down a bit. It feels like home. Maybe it's because of the familiarity of the apartment. Was it selfish of me to not really consider all the other housing options? Very. I tried, I really did. But this, this feeling of coming home, here. Nothing beats this. Except maybe going back home. Home as in Malaysia home.

2. Australians have a very weird sense of newsworthiness, if there's such a word. I read one of their local papers the other day, The Courier Mail I think it was. And it was the day after the devastating Chile earthquake. However, their frontpage news was about school bullying. The whole page of it. Only a small, tiny section at the bottom showed a picture of the Chile earthquake and a small header. I was pretty much gobsmacked. I mean, who'd put school bullying over a major, earth shattering (literally) earthquake on the front page? It's very interesting to see how Australian media reports global happenings. I keep forgetting I'm not in Malaysia anymore and things are very different over here. My International Journalism lecturer put forward a very good point the other day. He commented that while Australia is geographically closer to Asia (and thus should be more concerned with it's happenings), yet loss of lives in Western countries creates a bigger impact than that of Asian ones. Probably still has something to do with Western supremacy and how Aussie was once a British colony. But still...

3. It feels like I've been constantly unpacking and repacking since the end of last year. Which is actually true if you think about it. Moving is always such a tiresome activity. I'm just so glad we had all my sister's friends to help out this time. Otherwise, assembling everything (bed, bookcase, couch, tables, chairs) would taken ages if it had only been the two of us. Her guy friends are all so sweet. The day we moved in, they all took turns coming to the apartment to help us fix up everything. It was like they were on shifts, coz one would leave and another would arrive. And this went on all day long. My sister has awesome friends!

4. I've just finished Matthew Reilly's The Six Sacred Stones. I always like his books coz they are just so kan cheong maximum! He manages to keep you at the edge of your seat at ALL times, which for a writer is such a difficult thing to do. Sure, his books don't have a lot of character development, but action/adventure books rarely do anyway. I always forget how a good book manages to keep me so engrossed in it, transported into this other realm, that time ceases to matter. It just trickles away so quickly! Mom was right to confisticate my books last time. They are hazardous to my health coz I sleep really late and wake up early just so I can finish reading them. But now that she's not here... =P

5. I have the most awesome pawsome friends in the world. Seriously. All the gifts you guys gave me before I left, the cards, notes and letters, the messages. You guys rockkkk! And the primary school bunch showing up at the airport to suprise me was just crazy! I was so touched. I totally did NOT expect to see you guys at all man. I feel the love, I really do. I am so, SO grateful to have each and every one of you as friends. Missing all of you here in Aussieland. And to those I did not manage to see before I left, I really am very sorry I couldn't organize everything in time. But rest assured, we will definitely go yum cha when I am back for holidays!

6. The weather's been crazy lately. First it was so hot, we were practically boiling. Then, it rains non-stop and the sky is all gloomy with flash floods happening everywhere. Completely nuts. And Brisbane flash floods are mighty scary let me tell you this. I don't think this city was built for heavy rain. At all. I also think Mother Nature is mighty pissed off with us all. What with the crazy weather, and the Chile earthquakes, flooding all around the world. I think we've damaged this earth too much, and it's just going nuts now. Sigh.

7. Starting anew has really refreshed me. I think I forgot my love of learning over the holidays and it has come blasting back at each of my first lectures. I am nerdy that way. So it's not just you Wee! And Ea! :D I guess we are all nerds at heart. The only subject this sem that I have slight resevations for is my web designing one. I am hopeless with HTML codes larh. And I'm guessing we have to design a webpage as one of our assignments. Don't get me wrong, it's such a useful skill to have. I'd be able to improve the look and feel of FreshlyBrewedIdeas so much more easily if I knew how to write the codes and stuff. But I sense a LOT of learning ahead for this one. Which involves hours in front of the computer trying to figure out why my code wont work coz I probably forgo a bracket or something, knowing how careless and scatterbrained I am. Which brings me to my next point...

8. I am so forgetful I amaze myself at times. Like today for instance, I forgot to take my entire file containing the campus map, my timetable and all the locations of my classes as I dashed out the door to catch the ferry. I met this really nice Malaysian girl who goes to QUT while waiting for the traffic light to turn green and because at that moment, I realized my hands were devoid of my file I had to rush back to the apartment to grab it. Hence, losing the opportunity to talk to her a few moments longer and get her number so we can grab coffee one day or something. So, Amelia if you ever read this, I really meant to stay longer and chat!! I managed to catch the ferry JUST in time by running like a madwoman back. And in spite of that, I was still late to my lecture by 10 minutes. Sigh. Plus on the ferry, I saw this cute guy which made eye contact and smiled at me but I was so out of breath from the running (and out of shape too from not going to the gym), and worrying about whether or not I was going to make it in time for the lecture and sweattyyyyy + wet coz of the rain, that I totally did not smile back lorh. All the opportunities lost because of my carelessness. Lol. A day in the life of me indeed.

Anyway, it's getting late and I have a 9am tutorial tomorrow so I'll sign off here. More updates to come, with pictures this time hopefully. Watch this space! ;)

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