Friday, March 26, 2010

Ingenious Little Sites.

These two sites are so ingenious!! A must-go when you're in need of a little laughter or inspiration.

If you're Malaysian and are sick of all the drama-rama news going on about dreary politicians everyday, check this site out. It is hilarious!! Especially loving the one where it says TNB to sue WWF over Earth Hour - coz when I first read it, I actually thought it might be probable given how er... ignorant (used in place of a uglier sounding word) our politicans/ government are.

This one is cute and inspirational. Someone should start doing this in Malaysia! I'd love to find some random, cute post it note along the street/ in a shopping mall somewhere. :D

I forsee a My-Life-In-Numerics post coming up soon!
Till then, cheers folks!


Sorry, couldn't resist sharing one more!
I'm a sucker for interior design and have a perpetual fascination with how people design their homes so if you're like me, this one's good for you!

I guess one of the reasons why I'm take such an interest in people's homes is probably because, their room/house says a lot of them as an individual. It's always interesting to see whether the people and their personalities match up. ;) Plus the site has gorgeous photos as well. Always a plus point!


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