Friday, January 15, 2010

Nothing Louder Than Silence

Currently listening to - Switchfoot's Hello Hurricane album (thank you Greg!)

"There are few things that Success is not... Success is not fame, money or power. Success is waking up in the morning, so excited about what you have to do that you literally fly out the door. Success is getting to work with the people you love. Success is finding a way of connecting and binding them together, making people feel. Success is connecting with the world. Success is falling asleep knowing you did the best you could. Sucess is joy, friendship and freedom. Success is love."

- Fame (2009)

This will be my reminder to myself - I have tasted success already. On the days that I feel like a failure, on the days that I feel under accomplished, on the days that I feel I am not enough... I will remember that I am. There is nothing more successful than loving your life, the people in it, the things you do.

I wish we could crystallize and bottle up moments like these. And when we don't believe anymore, all we'd have to do is just unscrew the cap and let the wonderful moments course through our veins again. Then, we'd have faith and strength and everything else that we think we lack to go on.

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